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Weight Watchers Slimming Scam

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I chanced upon a weight watchers magazine and read that champion slimmers are awarded all sorts of fancy prizes for losing lots of weight. To circumvent any actual changes in diet, prepare this at your first weight watchers meeting. Make a special suit filled with heavy wobbly bits that make you look hefty and each week take padding out of it until the final week when you take the suit off completely - revealing your original self, and that 50kg has been lost in 3 weeks.

If you are asked what your secret is, tell them you have been eating grass from your neighbour's paddock - then watch and laugh as they attempt to lunch with other cows horses etc.

benfrost, Dec 22 2004


wagster, Dec 22 2004

       a.k.a. Health:Dieting.   

       Another possibility is to use the suit to *grow* fatter and fatter. You wouldn't win any prizes, but you'd confuse the heck out of that counselor, plus you'd probably make the other attendees feel a bit better about themselves.
phundug, Dec 22 2004

       And technically, this isn't really cheating, as you really are losing weight. Gotta love that "letter of the law".
sophocles, Dec 22 2004

       Actually, it isn't you losing the weight, in this case it is your outfit losing the weight.
bristolz, Dec 22 2004


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