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Weight Watchers Store

Think Albertson's or Safeway, but Weight Watchers
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For Weight Watchers, you either use points (or Flex Plan) or eat only the food on "the list" (called Core Plan). So instead of carrying a list of food everywhere you go, and instead of having to calculate and assign points to food, I propose a Weight Watchers Grocery Store.

It looks like a regular grocery store, but everything is labeled. It can have a little sticker that says its point value, and whether or not it's on "the list". It's so much easier.

jellogela, Jan 09 2006

diet king Diet_20King
[benfrost, Jan 13 2006]


       Unless it's Richard Simmons you want leaping down the aisles, this is baked. (Most all diet products now have the total W.W. points, carbs, fat grams and everthing else printed right on the label.)   

       Even T.G.I.F. has a selection of menu items marked with W.W. points. Am I missing something about this?
blissmiss, Jan 10 2006

       Weight Watchers already sells food - that not good enough for you?
DrCurry, Jan 10 2006

       I like this - a shop devoted to healthy eating. I don't think it would have to stick to any faddy diet though. it needs a catchy title. +1   

       a fat-free croissant loaded with vitamins for you.
po, Jan 10 2006

       Yeah...I just joined WW and there's actually not a lot of food with the points on them. I had a lot of calculating to do. So I said, "Forget it, Thanksgiving's here!" Then Christmas followed and...well... *chuckling because I couldn't afford a full laugh since I know I gained weight*
jellogela, Jan 10 2006

       Outa curiousity, I tried WW tuna mayonnaise.It was quite a disgusting emulsion, I will never eat it again.
skinflaps, Jan 10 2006

       laughing heartily is probably a good exercise.   

       oh yes, and just thinking about exercise is healthy apparently.   

       welcome to hb from a fellow tubby :)
po, Jan 10 2006

       Fat Albertson's   


ConsulFlaminicus, Jan 11 2006

       Could probably have a small gym attached. No mirrors, of course, because mirrors only add to the shame of folks who are on WW for a reason.
shapu, Jan 11 2006

       I wonder if this is a geographical issue. We have W.W. products, in our stores, out the whazoo. Don't youz?
blissmiss, Jan 11 2006

       I think that I would hang out there just to see if anyone I knew came into the store. If they did I would say something to the effect of, "So you are on a diet huh? Yeah.. you really need it."
Jscotty, Jan 12 2006

       Every supermarket has a whole section dedicated to foodstuffs which are healthy and which are known by everyone whose ever done WW to count as zero points. It's called the fruit and veg section. Simply buy these items instead of overpriced, WW-branded, low fat banoffee pie and watch the weight drop off.
squeak, Jan 12 2006

       yeah but - they are also have chocolate and pizza and ready-meals and double cream and cake and biscuits and...
po, Jan 12 2006

       <aside>"Isn't that a 4 Newton weight over there?"</aside>

P.S. surely Weight Watchers' ?
neilp, Jan 12 2006

       [po] Which assists those trying to loose weight how, exactly?   

       It's pretty mean when you think about it (and a pretty neat trick too). All the fatties get told that there's no problem with eating biscuits and double cream all the time, no there's not, *as long*, I say, *as long* as they are the WW versions. So the rotund ones don't change their eating habits and WW make a shit loada cash.
squeak, Jan 12 2006

       gawd, I give up. normal supermarkets have these temptations at every turn. I envisage this shop to be where you are only offered healthy food. get it?   

       the thought of loose weight is pretty cringe-making.
po, Jan 12 2006

       What, like a greengrocer then? Or a health food store? Or a market?   

       Yeah. Trying to loosen the tether on their weight so it'll bugger off and live with someone else.
squeak, Jan 12 2006

       I once bought a container of WW ice cream. The package showed a picture of this pretty dessert dish with about 3 full scoops of ice cream in it. But on the back of the container, it instructed you to eat it in half-inch slices. I am sure that it would be the same fat and calorie content if I had a container of Bryer's.
Jscotty, Jan 13 2006


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