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Weights on forms

Because walking to a post office is annoying
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Print the weight of a form somewhere on the back (or front, I'm not fussy) to give people an idea of how much postage they will need to pay to send the dratted thing back.

Better yet would be a picture of the stamps you would need. (Which would work if the form had to be returned fairly promtly and is changed from year to year).

It only sounds like a rant.

RobertKidney, May 04 2004

For [RK] http://officemart.c...Scale&fromsite=frog
$1.08 + shipping, how ever much that is. [Worldgineer, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       sorry, I'd spend the money on promoting online forms
theircompetitor, May 04 2004

       Some forms you need to sign.   

       I don't think this idea is terribly useful, as:
1. You'd need to know the weight of your envelope, ink, and stamps (funny, that).
2. You'd need to have a cost table for weights (not that this is so difficult in the information age, but still an issue).
3. The beaurocracy that created the form would need to worry about issues such as paper thickness and density, and couldn't switch paper suppliers easily.
Worldgineer, May 04 2004

       //some forms you need to sign//   

       sure, but not indefinitely
theircompetitor, May 04 2004

       What do you mean?
Worldgineer, May 04 2004

       I suppose you could build scales in to printers and print the weight of each page on each printed page and/or the total weight on the final page of each document. Then, if it's being printed with an address, have the printer also calculate the current cost of mailing the form back.
half, May 04 2004

       Well if you had a scale you wouldn't need any of this.
Worldgineer, May 04 2004


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