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Wet/Dry Vacuum Adapter

An attachment for a regular vacuum
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I have a regular Shark AC hand vac with many attachments. I think a useful attachment would be a bin of sorts for wet material.

The device would be a bin with two holes. Into one hole you would attach the hose of your regular vacuum and into the other one you would attach another hose with the appropriate attachments. It would work like a regular wet/dry vacuum tank, but with your standard vacuum providing the suction.

It would include an adapter for upright vacuums with no hose. See link for an article on how wet/dry vacs work.
-----, Jan 03 2005

Howstuffworks article on vacuums http://home.howstuf...vacuum-cleaner4.htm
scroll down about a screen [-----, Jan 03 2005]

a bin with two holes http://www.jula.se/....asp?dept_id=SE-459
though this one is for dry material like ashes [FarmerJohn, Jan 03 2005]




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