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What is that track?

Record it now play it back later.
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How about a sampler built into your car radio coupled to a big red button that when pressed records what ever is playing currently (for as long as you press it) and stores it for playing back later. Good for those quizzes that play bursts of music for you to recognise or for working out what that track was that the DJ didnt bother to announce.
blammo, Oct 05 2004


       how you gonna drive with your thumb (sorry thumb) on a big red button?
po, Oct 05 2004

       <an aside> Some radio stations broadcast the title and artist of the track via RDS. Also, there is a mobile phone service in the UK called Shazaam that listens to the track and SMS back the details<aa>
jonthegeologist, Oct 05 2004

       I was thinking of Shazam as when I got this idea. Trouble is I never have my phone ready.
blammo, Oct 05 2004

       //how you gonna drive with your thumb (sorry thumb) on a big red button//   

       Yeah, keep pressing it is not a good idea. Maybe some sorf ot on-off button will do.
Pericles, Oct 05 2004

       mount the button on the steering wheel or have it voice activated or train a chimp and pretend to be Clint Eastwood.
etherman, Oct 05 2004

       We've done in-car Tivo of various sorts several times, this just seems like a user interface tweak to that.
krelnik, Oct 05 2004

       In answer to your question, it's "Chinese Arithmetic" by Eric B & Rakim
calum, Oct 05 2004

       Oh I love that track. Turn it up! ;D
Machiavelli, Oct 05 2004

       If you have AT&T Wireless mobile service, you can dial #43, hold the phone up to the audio source for about 15 seconds, and it will send you a text message identifying the song and artist.   

       (This is about the only service they provide that fucking works.)
waugsqueke, Oct 05 2004


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