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Wheel Attachments for Swamp Boats

Four if by land, none if by sea (wheels, that is)
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Swamp boats are those boats with giant fans on the back. What is special about them is that bottoms only float about 2 inches under the water,. The rest is above the waterline. This is so they can go in really shallow water. If we attached wheels, they could then go on land without ruining the hull.
DesertFox, Jul 26 2004


       I'm surprised that I couldn't find at least one web site about someone who has done this.   

       I do remember seeing them try something like this in Junkyard Wars, but I certainly wouldn't call anything they do there "baked, especially since in that case it didn't work very well on land or water...
scad mientist, Jul 26 2004

       I'm surprised too, but hey, google doesn't lie+
swimr, Jul 26 2004

       I wonder what the max speed would be if it didn't have water to friction against...   

       I speak english good.   

       I know I messed up the past two sentences.   

       You'd need the front two wheels to be casters, then just steer with the rudder as usual.
sjruckle, Jul 28 2004

       [DF] you know you really wanted to post the 'Caterpillar Track Swamp Boat' idea. Let yourself go....you are among friends....we wouldn't have criticized it....honest....
ConsulFlaminicus, Jul 28 2004

       Hey! That's not too bad.... I like caterpillar tracks on anything......   

       Oh and q2cannonfodder, yes they are retractable.
DesertFox, Jul 28 2004

       Its a wonder somebody hasn't thought of directing the air downward as well giving you lift off the water and ground
tasman, Jul 28 2004

       And with the optional parachute add on you can take flight, and soar above the less well to do swamp ....err.. people
q2cannonfodder, Jul 29 2004

       Could you um... use paddle wheels... with a slightly larger rubber rim on either side of the paddles...
ye_river_xiv, Aug 25 2006

       I like the paddlewheels.
normzone, Aug 25 2006

       An airboat, as I have heard them called, will run on damp grass, supposedly.   

       There was a video a few months ago showing a couple of radio-controlled model vehicles that went across water and land and also flew up in the air.
baconbrain, Aug 26 2006


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