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Wrong-way Tire Damage Spike Protection

Severe Tire Damage? Not me, man!
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Next time you need to sneak into an unmanned paid parking lot for free, forget bringing two friends along to hold the 2x4 on top of the wrong-way severe tire damage spikes while you drive in the exit. Install automatic tire spike protection on your tires: an armored shield, made in plates, stored just inside your tires, that expands and encircles your tires at the push of a button. Good for all your tire spike defense needs....
globaltourniquet, May 29 2001

Xterra's Link http://www.mattracks.com
Very cool Product! [youngtimer, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       Stored just inside the tires? How would that work, exactly? I can see something extending out from the hubcap, but getting it under the tire would take some tricky engineering.
bookworm, May 30 2001

       Well then we'll either extend them out from the hubcaps or get a tricky engineer.
globaltourniquet, May 30 2001

       Someone's been watching too much Speed Racer. (Or was it Batman? Rmutt treasures his ignorance.) Anyway, howzabout cross-linked tire chains: tire chain mail? Or, two words: tank treads.
rmutt, May 30 2001

       Tank Treads! I like that better, too. Spike this, copper!
globaltourniquet, May 30 2001

       Just getcha a set of these: http://www.mattracks.com/
XterraGuy, May 30 2001

       Project Mayhem solved this problem. Wait, I mean they made it worse. Well, you could use them as inspiration.
AfroAssault, May 31 2001

       Isn't this just a little bit impractical?
PT, Jun 06 2002

       /Isn't this just a little bit impractical?//   

       More importantly, it's almost certainly illegal and difficult to explain to the law when they ask you why you have a spike-defeating fixture. Perhaps you might get round this by installing a warning buzzer that sounds when you run over spikes - you might possibly argue that it prevents tyre damage and injury to person and property, but is designed to tell you to stop and report your transgression. I'm no lawyer, and this is probably bullsh*t.   

       Maybe it's better to have a tyre skid that envelopes the tyres front and back (except the tread area) and depresses the spikes. This would defeat wrong-way spikes but not stop-sticks.
FloridaManatee, Jul 07 2003

       Why exactly do you need to go the "wrong way"... just wait for someone to pay, and burn rubber into the deck before the gate comes down...
jong-scx, Jul 27 2003

       tried this.. didnt work... got new windshield. how about a small skid or something at the front of the car that is pressed down on the spikes, then you drive over the skid and it is picked up at the back of the car. this would probably work with the locking spikes too
tazmase2, Jul 27 2003

       This sounds like a batmobile feature.....................................cool!!
gearhead13, Jul 28 2003


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