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Wheels in Motion

Wheels that reconfigure themselves at speed
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Each wheel has a series of spokes, not unlike conventional "mag" wheels seen on many cars today. Between each spoke is an articulated, chrome-plated, nearly wedge-shaped projection hinged near the outer circumference of the wheel. A system of weights and springs is attached to the "wedges" such that, parked or at low speeds (first gear), the wedges "open" like a flower. The many faces of the many chrome wedges glisten in the sun, focusing everyone's attention on your car. As your speed increases, centrifugal forces on the weights overcome the springs such that the wedges "close". In this configuration, the wedges have been designed to fit snugly in the interstices of the wheel spokes. The resulting effect is something like a "baby moon" hubcap, reducing aerodynamic drag.

Perhaps an hydraulic system can be used instead of the weights.

Future versions have LEDs lining the "inside" of the wedges.

Gamma48, Aug 21 2009

(?) While yours is decorative, this one is functional http://img3.ifilmpr...3/1236887799181.jpg
[ldischler, Aug 21 2009]




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