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Wheely Rocker

I was going to call this rock'n'roll but FarmerJohn beat me to it.
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There are rocking wheelchairs on the market but I can find no mention of using this rocking motion to actually propel a chair.

A simple ratchet mechanism would convert a forward rock into forward movement while the energy from rocking backwards could be stored to augment the next forward motion or saved to help with ascents.

Incorporate a gear system and these things could get up some serious speed on level ground.

"Outta my way you whippersnappers!"

Davinci Awards http://www.davinciawards.org/
[JesusHChrist, Nov 12 2013]

Changemakers http://www.changemakers.com/
[JesusHChrist, Nov 12 2013]

United Cerebral Palsy Life Labs http://lifelabs.ucp.org
They might be into it too [JesusHChrist, Nov 14 2013]

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       This idea wheely rocks!
pashute, Nov 11 2013

You're not just swaying that are you?

       2fries, do you allow me to open a design challenge on changemaker.com, so we can design and prototype?   

       Or could u?
pashute, Nov 12 2013

       If you two form a joint venture, 2fries is chairman. Great idea. [+]
AusCan531, Nov 12 2013

       You certainly may do the design challenge thing [pashute] since I haven't heard of Changemaker.com before.   

       Submit it to the Davinci Awards.
JesusHChrist, Nov 12 2013

       [+] Just for fun can I also have a spinning propeller on the back of it? Very cool!
xandram, Nov 12 2013

       OK, will do, and will post back here.
pashute, Nov 13 2013

       Waiting, pashute. + For the fun idea.
blissmiss, Nov 13 2013

       Alternatively, instead of a chair it could be one of those rocking cradles. To generate power simply pinch the baby.
rcarty, Nov 14 2013


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