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Where'd it go ?

find that errant email
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Every now and then, I notice my email client say that it's downloading an email and then.. nothing.. the email just disappears.

I've got all sorts of mail filters/rules so quite likely it's been filed away in a more sensible place, but sometimes, against my better judgement, I want to just know where that email it just downloaded went to.

I therefore propose a simple reverse chronological view of all received email be included with email clients, irrespective of which folder the email now resides in.

I'm guessing this is throughly baked in some clients, just not anything Microsoft does.
neilp, Jan 08 2006


       I'm not sure, but you might want to give Google desktop a whirl - (if you're on a windows desktop) It can be set to index files and/or emails, allowing you to do an instant(ish) Google-style search for them - I believe it includes doing a time-stamped search.
zen_tom, Jan 08 2006

       or, in a similar vein, use gmail as your client. The built in search is excellent.
jonthegeologist, Jan 08 2006

       Don't know if this helps for individuals, but I used Lotus Notes at my last formal workplace and there was an "all mail" view. Very helpful.
migennes, Jan 08 2006

       "the worlds second largest user of Lotus Notes" - Reuters?
hippo, Jan 09 2006

       could be Coca-Cola? [miasere] tell us?
jonthegeologist, Jan 09 2006

       You'd have thought that M$ Lookout should have some way of doing this!   

       It does have a neat way of looking for related messages (which, in my view, is quite well hidden)
Dub, Jan 09 2006

       Maybe this isn't what you're looking for, [neilp], but I think it is. In Outlook 2003 (SP-1), I just created a new item under "Search Folders". Told it I wanted to see unread mails. It picked up unread mail from multiple boxes.
half, Jan 09 2006

       thanks [half] I'd completely forgotten about those, why, that's exactly what I'd like.
neilp, Jan 10 2006

       Then you may have it. For you, no charge.
half, Jan 10 2006

       Search folders are super useful. There's lots of features in Outlook that no one ever takes the time to learn.   

       Of course, that's true of most powerful software; users tend to carve out little niches in the center of the user model and never stray far from there.
bristolz, Jan 10 2006

       there's also loads of things it really should do but doesn't. Account specific autosignatures for instance.
neilp, Jan 10 2006

       You can have account specific autosignatures and more unless you are using an old version.
bristolz, Jan 10 2006

       Different autosignatures for new vs. forward/reply, per account.   

       In 2003: Tools>Options>Mail Format   

       What else ya got? :-)
half, Jan 10 2006

       We use Lotus Notes at work for both email and a monstrous amount of half-assed databases. When the stupid hourglass pops up, all of my database applications are unaccessible. Thanks, Notes.   

       The only thing Notes has over Outlook (at least Outlook 2000) IMHO is the fact that they added address tab letters.
RayfordSteele, Jan 11 2006


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