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mailbox full alert

sends SMS alert or voicemail when mailbox is full
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As a listmanager I often get bounced e-mail because the mailbox of a listmember is full. Many never find out until someone tells them. Every ISP should offer the option to have an SMS message send to the user or perhaps a prerecorded voicemail about a flooded mailbox. ISPs can then also start selling mailboxes with an extremely limited size. A positive side effect is that people get educated not to send unsollicited attachments but to copy- paste texts from Word documents into the e-mail for example.
rrr, Dec 03 2002


       my only concern would be giving my sms info to the isp, it could be used for other advertizing.
rbl, Dec 03 2002

       If you are afraid of SMS spam from your ISP, I think you should switch to a better ISP first! But otherwise you can only give the number of your landline and your ISP should send out voicemails.
rrr, Dec 03 2002

       //Does it send you an email when your SMS box is full?//
No, then it sends you a voice mail. If your voice mail box is full, it sends you a telegram. If you are not at home when the telegram arrives, it sends a carrier pigeon. And then...
krelnik, Dec 03 2002


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