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White Trash Power

Combat racism with satire.
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Recently, I saw a show about Nazism in America. It showed a Neo-Nazi rally and it occured to me that all these people chanting "white power" believing they are the "supreme race" are really some of societies most disgraceful people. It's beyond me how a bunch of white trash that blames minorities for their self-inflicted poverty can see themselves as being superior but whatever the reason, it's a vulnerability that can be taken full advantage of.

At their next rally there needs to be another group dressed up like a bunch of hill billies holding signs saying things like "I can't read this sign.", "I ain't got no teeth.", and "Incest is best." If they just march beside the real group at first they'll just blend end but then people will start figuring out how stupid some of the signs (really all of the signs) in the rally are. It would turn a hateful situation into quite a comical situation and the initial rally would lose its effect.

After reading the first few annotations, it occured to me that I needed to clarify a few things like police protection. Here in America it's all about protection of individual rights and sadly that means Neo-Nazi/KKK groups have their rights protected too. But rest assured civil rights groups (at least) today get better protection. If a racist bigot so much as touches a civil rights activist during a rally, they'll get themself and whoever their associated with sued for everything they're worth. This has already happened and they don't want to let it happen again. So as long as your in a public rally you're safe.

PyroBob, Jan 19 2004


       Would be great in a Monty Python movie, but in real life it could turn nasty if the real trash catches on. They may not be able to read themselves, but the organizers who use them as a power basis probably can.
kbecker, Jan 19 2004

       just checking: is white trash a deragatory term meant to label a group of people with prejudicial characteristics?
theircompetitor, Jan 19 2004

       Let us know how it goes.
waugsqueke, Jan 20 2004

       What irony there is in the statement "I hate all prejudiced people."
pleasefondleme, Feb 06 2004

       Micheal Moore, in his programme "TV Nation", has done a fair bit of Nazi and rascist humilation although he tended to use love and humour to disgrace them. A free kissing booth staffed by black women at a KKK ralley is a reasonable example.   

       Protection of human rights exists in the UK but no-one is allowed to excite overt racial hatred or violence. This tends to mean that our Neo-Nazis have to pretend to be less extreme right-wing politicans. Besides attempts at fascist mass rallies in the UK have typically been foiled by the twin forces of public disapproval and co-ordinated disruption.
Aristotle, Feb 06 2004


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