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Random return race

Forward or backward?
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A running race is run as usual, with runners starting at the starting line, and starting to run when the starting signal sounds.

They are, of course heading for the finishing line.

At random intervals a signal is given which swaps the finishing line location to be the opposite side of the starting line. i.e. after the signal sounds, the finishing line is now on the far side of the place where they all started.

First runner to cross the current finishing line is the winner.

The signal to be set up so its average period is about the expected time taken to run the course.

pocmloc, Apr 10 2017


       Anyone not running in the direction of the finishing line is disqualified.
pocmloc, Apr 10 2017

       Yes, but then it would be a competition to see who could "run" the slowest for the first interval.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 10 2017

       Actually, in events that feature circular (or ovoid) tracks, is there any rule that specifies that a competitor has to run in one direction rather than the other? Given a 400m event on a 400m course, it would be spectacular to see one entrant run it the other way around.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 10 2017

       // spectacular to see one entrant run it the other way around //   

       Especially if they carried a jousting lance.
mitxela, Apr 10 2017

       We've decided to make it 5000 yard race. Go around again!
popbottle, Apr 11 2017

       //who could "run" the slowest for the first interval// and become last when the signal doesn't come? Statistical analysis required.
pocmloc, Apr 11 2017

       This reminds me of the gym class exercise known as "suicides". (Anybody know why it's called that?)
notexactly, Apr 11 2017


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