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Whiteboard Paints

For the more artistic among us.
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Either a whiteboard-friendly paint (essentially whiteboard ink with modified texture for easy easeling) that can be applied to the whiteboard with traditional paintbrushes, or whiteboard paintbrushes made similarly to current whiteboard pens, but with a brush tip instead of a felt one.

The ink, needless to say, still rubs off with a standard whiteboard eraser.

This could release the inner artist in many teachers, and improve casual art as a whole quite dramatically.

dbmag9, Feb 15 2008

Off-topic link for [edie] Teacher_27s_20Revenge
[pertinax, Feb 16 2018]

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       This is commercially available, and I assume it was in 2008.   

       Edit: Scratch that. I misinterpreted the idea. See my anno of Feb 16.
notexactly, Feb 14 2018

       // inner artist in many teachers //   

       Sp. " inner sadist in many teachers"   

       Particularly geography teachers (bastards, they are ... all of them).
8th of 7, Feb 14 2018

       Can a piece of paper be clipped to the board and a rubber roller pressed all over before the erasing? The paint would have to have printing characteristics as well as easy clean features.
wjt, Feb 15 2018

       [+] Needs also have a nib pen capable of 576pt.
FlyingToaster, Feb 15 2018

       Good luck with all of that. See link.
pertinax, Feb 16 2018

       I wish they'd make spray can or more liquid long-dry whiteboard paint! I've never seen it. (Got a reference to what you mean, [notexactly]?) There are colors for blackboards e.g. used in pubs to list the specials, but those are not dry-erasable.   

       Getting a solid single shade color in whiteboard marker is difficult, because after a while, the dried color accumulating on the tip of the pen scrapes off the dried color underneath. So, instead of just depositing flat color, you're now leaving little lines that are half scraped off, half new color. You have to use some paper or rags to periodically scrape the dried paint coating and get the raw felt tip back. It's laborious.
jutta, Feb 16 2018

       If you have access to a source of very, very high voltage, you can turn a whiteboard marker (at least an ordinary marker, and presumably a whiteboard one also) into an electrostatic spray gun. If the whiteboard has a metal backing that can be counter-charged, so much the better.   

       And hi, [jutta]!
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 16 2018

       //a very high charge through// that phrase cannot be parsed in a useful way.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 16 2018

       Sorry, [jutta] and [dbmag9]—I misunderstood what this idea is. I thought it was paint that turns any surface into a whiteboard, which you probably both knew was a thing already. Now, on rereading, I see it's paint to be used on a whiteboard as an alternative to markers. That, I think, is a novel idea.
notexactly, Feb 16 2018


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