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Teacher's Revenge

Download generic student reports from the internet.
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I am not a school teacher (IANAST?) but I am connected by blood, marriage or friendship to several of the species, and I've seen more than one of them really struggle to find things to say at report time about the little darlings in their care.

I think there's an opening for a website where teachers can just download either 101 things you can say about an aggravating little shit without being accused of un-professional conduct and, more important, at least 102 different things you can say about an inoffensive but absolutely average young person whose name you can barely remember.

The latter resource, consisting of vacuous truisms disguised as thoughtful insights, could be re-used on a different website by, for example, over-worked astrologers. The only difference would be in the phrasing.

<technical note>The basic material might be stored as XML, and it would be an interesting programming exercise to write some XSLT which could present this same material in (a) teacher style or (b) astrologer style or maybe in some other idiom again (e.g., management consultant style?)</technical note>

Anyway, the main application would be for teachers, and the main point of it would be the poetic justice of providing this sort of feedback to a student who probably copied all their assignments from the web in the first place.

pertinax, May 29 2006

Report Writer? http://www.byronsof...Report/byreport.htm
[po, May 29 2006]


       Good link, thank you [po]!
pertinax, May 29 2006

       Loved the line in one of the pictures [po]:
"First name can demonstrate factual knowledge and understanding"

       I think I've seen these used anyway, it could well be widely baked in certain teaching circles.
hidden truths, May 29 2006

       sounds feasible. There aren't that many distinct types of students (maybe 30 different types). Teacher could type in "ISBJ; smart; diligent" and the report generates some random verbiage.
phundug, May 29 2006

       And what have you against management consultants?
methinksnot, May 29 2006

       Funny and feasible idea. Research indicates that names of pupils indeed correlate almost exactly with their results.
django, May 29 2006


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