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Imporving the Mental State
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Being aware of your mental state is very important for various things.

An AI profiler which will give you your mental state by asking various quesiton related to that would be vary useful. Answers could be as simple as yes/no/maybe.

It's taking advantage of the fact that you would know more about yourself when asked or being engaged in conversation like this.

From the answers, it may evaluate your condition and helps you to achive better mental state by giving suggestions.

Just like physical exercise, this type of metnal exercise can be very helpful in daily activities and building good habits.

artist, Jan 08 2004

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[DrCurry, Oct 04 2004]

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Wonderful Jackie Chan film..... [normzone, Oct 04 2004]


       AI magic. Much work has been done on therapy, AI and their intersection; this seems ignorant of that work and does not add anything.
DrCurry, Jan 08 2004

       "Porv" your mental state all that you want to. My "metnal" state is just fine, thank you.
Klaatu, Jan 08 2004

       Suggestions don't help most people.
phundug, Jan 08 2004

       Exactly: AI program will decude the parameters beyound your knowledge. Those things will be useful to you.   

       You start an AI program which can take daily notes of your answer and create a profile.   

       It will then try to help you in habit forming. Mere suggestions won't work. A customized effort for habit forming will work.   

       We cannot think beyound few levels of thinking/feelings. AI can definitely help here.
artist, Jan 08 2004

       so basically its a computer chip/shrink that tells you that you are x,y, and z as opposed to a regular therapist telling you you are z,y, and x.
Space-Pope, Jan 08 2004

       Achive can help imporv your baked potato as well.
k_sra, Jan 08 2004

       "We cannot think beyound few levels of thinking/feelings. AI can definitely help here." - when I last looked, we were still thinking to more levels than AI, at least if we take chess as a measure.
DrCurry, Jan 08 2004

       What measure is you chess, [DrCurry]?
k_sra, Jan 08 2004

DrCurry, Jan 08 2004


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