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Whoopee Cigarette

For the non-smokers
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Some inconsiderate smokers blow smoke right in your face, this invention will chase them outside.

It looks just like a cigarette but it is actually one of those kiddy party whistles that roll out and make a loud piercing noise.

When you blow through it with the end pointed at the guilty smokers ear, they will be on the recieving end of a really annoying habit.

This whoopee cigarette is just as bad a habit as a real cigarette and just as annoying, but you probably wont die from a lung disease, unless somebody sticks one of them down your throat.

Trodden, Jan 08 2003

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       Sorry, [Trodden], but there's no point. In my experience it doesn't matter whether smoke is blown in your non-smoking face or in the opposite direction, it will still come after you like a malevolent cat seeking out the lap of the only cat-hater in a room full of cat loving people.   

       Croissant for a step in the right direction, though.
egbert, Jan 08 2003

       There are some other things you can do but I don't think they are legal in most countries
wetmatch, Mar 30 2003


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