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WiFi Alert Pager

Buzzs you when your download finishes, a program is installed, or when a task you specify completes.
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Got a massively complex (formerlly 3,000 line, obviously I don't compile much :)program to compile? Eager to get back to work the moment it's done? Downloading big files? Have you got better things to do than watch the page fly from the globe to the folder? Get a Wifi Alert Pager and never be tied to the computer again!

I know I've run into these situations before. I want to be doing something else while my virus scan runs; I want to go read a bit while the I download the next installment of the Animatrix. I want to go have lunch, but want to know if the computer needs my attention.

A WiFi receiver, connected to an LCD screen, all packaged in a case that looks very similar to a pager, the device interfaces with your system, running a small applet in your system tray. Here's an example of the procedure while in Windows:

Say you've started a lengthy install, and want to walk away while it finishes. Sure, you could just try to come back based on the estimated time displayed on the installer, but that is often inaccurate, and often, there isn't even one in the installer. Well, just right click on the install in your task manager, and click on the "Page me when done/Attention needed." You then pick up the pager from its handy charger/transmitter (for those homes without WiFi, in a WiFi environment, the pager connects to the AP that has the strongest signal that is still on the same network as the monitored PC. The, you just walk away, and when your install finishes, or you need to enter some information, or your computer is crashed by the installer, your pager starts vibrating/beeping, and text appears on the LCD, telling you the nature of the Alert: Install Complete, ready to reboot, User Interaction Required, System Crash, or whatever. These alerts can be customized in the utility. For downloads, you might want a countdown of time remaining, or a percent of file complete.

Okay, that's the spiel...

eion, Apr 16 2003


       I suppose the pager can be just another computer on the WLAN, and the PC just msgs it on port XXXX as and when required....   

       Could come in very handy in an office network, when the system administrator can make use of such stuff.... Like when the server is running out of space/about to crash/having its boot sector modified.   

       Foresee it being baked someday..... +
LoneRifle, Apr 17 2003

Eugene, Apr 18 2003

       WIFI ALERT: My first thought: There's something now for all husbands!   

       Was disappointed to find it had nothing to do with the world of marital bliss.   

       Am not disappointed to find that, hey, its an extremely practical idea after all!   

       [ + ]
joker_of_the_deck, Apr 22 2003

       If this ever became a reality for a decently low price (would definitely have to be under $100 a piece if not lower) our company would be looking at buying them in bulk.   

       The way we would need it to work is that each pager would need to have its own tcp/ip address that could be assigned through an app on the computer. Messages sent to that address would show up on an alphanumeric display and cause the pager to vibrate. They would be able to operate on a wifi network automatically with no extra hubs, etc. - just install the setup software, assign an IP address to the pager, and go.
IBCS, May 06 2004

       Could maybe set your PC up to send a text message to your mobile when it's done...
No extra hardware needed this way!
MikeOliver, May 06 2004


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