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Wikipaedia-esque aspirational news website

All the news anyone can think of!
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There are lots of news websites but they all pretty much report the same things and none show the things that people would *like* to be news. So this idea is for a collaborative site on which people can write real or entirely fictional news stories and post them. There may also be a voting mechanism to allow visibility of how well received a story was by the community.

The resulting mixute of fact and fiction, continuously changing and evolving and gaining endorsements or criticism from users would act as a barometer of the issues people were interested in and their aspirations for things that ought to happen or for how things that had happened should have turned out differently.
hippo, Jun 07 2005

FutureFeedForward http://www.futurefeedforward.com/
A guy who tried a similar experiment at his website. Some of his stuff was entertaining, and he also had email distribution. It wasn't open to general additions from the public, however. [Soterios, Jun 07 2005]

Wikinews http://en.wikinews.org/wiki/Main_Page
Um. Totally baked. By the same people as Wikipedia, in fact. [omegatron, Jun 07 2005]

Yep[omegatron], and here's a typical feel good story http://en.wikinews....eowner%27s_backyard
[theircompetitor, Jun 08 2005]

Uncyclopedia http://www.uncyclop...php?title=Main_Page
Close, but still no cigar methinks. [finrod, Jun 08 2005]

Here's your headline generator http://www.newzoid.com/
[normzone, Jun 09 2005]

How could we leave this one out? http://www.theonion.com
An internet staple. [RayfordSteele, Jun 10 2005]

Gonzo Journalism http://en.wikipedia...ki/Gonzo_journalism
Wikipedia's take on gonzo journalism. [Blumster, Jun 10 2005]

Collaborative Web Fiction collaborative_20web_20fiction
Similar but different. [DrBob, Jun 11 2005]


       The aliens just landed.
theircompetitor, Jun 07 2005

       Could you just write anything, or would we be shooting for a cohesive could-be history where all the parts build to a whole?
Soterios, Jun 07 2005

       [theircompetitor] That's the idea
[Ian] Very like a collaborative TDT - and it could evolve to be a strange post-modern commentary on the times we live in where non-news has as much value as news.
[Soterios] Good question - should it be a sort of Alternate Reality News? In the spirit of the idea I think I should let someone else decide.
hippo, Jun 07 2005

       Purely fictional accounts of the news? Baked. See www.nytimes.com
crater, Jun 08 2005

       That's not baked, [omegatron] - as far as I can see, the idea behind Wikinews is for people to write about *real* news, not what they would like the news to be, as per [hippo]'s idea.
salachair, Jun 08 2005

       "The biomedical community was stunned to hear that the world's first self-intelligent expert system, Googlemind, has found the cure to cancer. Apparently, it deduced the existence of the cure by mathematically modelling a hot cup of tea, using 42 co-dependent variables. In related news, philosophers from around the globe are talking of organizing a union...
RayfordSteele, Jun 09 2005

       // That's not baked, [omegatron] - as far as I can see, the idea behind Wikinews is for people to write about *real* news, not what they would like the news to be   

       Oh. You mean you make up imaginary news stories? That's... bizarre.
omegatron, Jun 09 2005

       If you've ever volunteered on a cable news magazine show, you get to do this. With a camera and a dusty field in the background you have a story of soccer being banned internationally. A shark attack at the local swimming pool costs five dollars to make a floating fin prop. Don't blink on camera.
mensmaximus, Jun 09 2005

       We need many more wikipedia-esqe aspirational websites.   

       Perhaps a psychological one, where people could be home psychologists. They could choose to actually counsel people, or be mean and turn lunatics into raving lunatics.   

Blumster, Jun 10 2005

       Also, you need to change the name of this, how about   

       The Gonzette   

       In tribute to HST, who, as everyone ought to know, was quite fond of throwing in pure fantasy with his journalistic accounts.   

Blumster, Jun 10 2005

       I don't know that this is really a valid "idea" or just a WIBNI about a website for WIBNI fanatics. Yeah, we all play out "what if" scenarios in our minds, and it might be entertaining and/or enlightening to share them and discuss them, but there are existing forums for this kind of stuff, as noted above by so many others. Sorry to be a wet blanket.
Canuck, Jun 10 2005

       [UB], obviously you haven't read Kingdom of Fear, a recent collection of his essays. In one story, he tells the account of a mountain lion jumping into his car, and having to fight it off with a rolled up news paper, while it snarled, rolling around in the back.   

       Yeah, I guess the drugs helped also.
Blumster, Jun 10 2005

       Certainly a highlight of dreary summers in the seventies; to pick up a thick Rolling Stone and dive into the murky waters of a HST's pond.
mensmaximus, Jun 11 2005

       This idea describes the BBC weather forecast perfectly.
DrBob, Jun 11 2005

       Harry S Truman?
baconbrain, Jun 11 2005

       Would it be anything like reading the Globe? I rather dislike tabloids.
RayfordSteele, Jan 04 2008


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