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Email your murderer after you're dead.
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A web based messaging service that allows you to create a message to your killer, which will be delivered once the service is notified of your death. In the event that you do not know in advance who your murderer will be, you can leave the recipient blank and the service will send it to the appropriate murderer for you.

Sample Messages:

[ ] "Bet you didn't expect to hear from me again."
[ ] "Ouch! That, like, really hurt!"
[ ] "Would you like your knife back?"
[ ] "You kill me, man. No, really."
[ ] "Wish you were here."

Vehicular Manslaughter
[ ] "Sorry about your car..."

[ ] "Thank you for killing me."

waugsqueke, Apr 09 2002

My Last Email http://www.mylastemail.com
How about that... people bake the strangest things. [waugsqueke, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

And another similar site http://www.thedeadletter.com
[bristolz, Jan 24 2005]


       [ ] I would just like to remark that on reflection, I consider your reaction just ever so slightly over the top.
po, Apr 09 2002

       [ ] Look, "So shoot me!", that's just a figure of speech.
mcscotland, Apr 09 2002

       I like [ ]"Wish you were here."
beauxeault, Apr 09 2002

       writeTOyourkiller.com, non?
stupop, Apr 09 2002

       murderers have e-mail?
rbl, Apr 09 2002

       Along with a message to the bastard who killed me, I would like to also sign up for the "hire a thug to go cut off their legs" option.   

       Words could not accurately convey my message from the grave.
dag, Apr 09 2002

       [stupop] and [Rods]: The "write your killer" construction is an American usage.
angel, Apr 09 2002

       write2yourkiller.com? Ugh. Spose they'd need to cover it, though.
waugsqueke, Apr 09 2002

       [x] cc: the police department
bristolz, Apr 09 2002

       [ ] "Boo!"
[ ] "Okay, *now* I'm mad...."
[ ] "Just so you know: I always faked it."
[ ] "I made it to Heaven and boy is God pissed with you."
phoenix, Apr 09 2002

       [ ] You are gonna die, too, some day.
neelandan, Apr 10 2002

       [X] See you in Hell
thumbwax, Apr 10 2002

       In the case of a mass murderer, the service could save money by sending a group mail.
FarmerJohn, Apr 10 2002

       [ ] "Still looking for the 'real' killer?"
phoenix, Apr 10 2002

       [ ] Okay, this is NOT what I meant by 'Blow me.'   

       [ ] NOW try to get in the last word!   

       [ ] You know the way the house creaks at night? That's me.   

       [ ] I can see my house from here!   

       [ ] I can see up your skirt from here!
timservo, Apr 10 2002

       [] care to recall how many finger prints you left in my house?
kaz, Apr 10 2002

       [ ] lets just say the police came through, and you're no OJ!
ishotpac, Apr 10 2002

       [ ] Drop through, whenever!
reensure, Apr 10 2002

       [ ] No, I meant a BUD light!   

       [ ] Well done! I'll have to give it an 8.6 - a little lacking in artistic merit, but nice execution.   

       oh, I KILL me...
utexaspunk, Apr 17 2002

       Free radical:
[ ] "A litle early, weren't you?"
bristolz, Mar 19 2003

       Seems rather sad if that's your only response to being murdered. I favor were-insurance, that would pay off a bounty on the killer(s) in the event of your untimely demise.
DrCurry, Mar 19 2003

       Who said it was the only response?
waugsqueke, Mar 19 2003

       [ ] Your'e gonna die too, one day (Original anno)
neelandan, Mar 19 2003

       I propose a spin off from this idea.   

       Dear Mr Bush,   

       My name is ___________. I was a citizen of Iraq. i was killed today along with members of my family and friends, as a direct result of your attempt to 'liberate' me. I hope you are proud.   

       Sincerely, _____________.
sambwiches, Mar 19 2003

       couldn't agree more.
sufc, Mar 19 2003

       maybe i should have made this a separate idea. In fact....
sambwiches, Mar 19 2003

       You realize that a lot of these messages are going to be rather... acidic, yes? (+)
Madcat, Nov 24 2003

       I really like this idea. I'll think of some ideas for this later. For now...+
sartep, Nov 24 2003

       I dont care if this idea has been done I still think your idea is really good.
nomadic_wonderer, Dec 07 2003


       This is perfect!   

       [ ] "I told you I was ill.."   

       ...An obvious choice ...although not my own work, I must confess.
SpeedDemon, Dec 07 2003

       [ ] You can have my gun. When you pry it from my cold dead fingers!   

       And you can have my croissant, [waugs]. No prying necessary.
Eugene, Dec 07 2003

       [X] "Don't look behind you."

I can't believe I never saw this one. +
ghillie, Oct 08 2004

       [ ] Hey - when you get here, your room is right next to the noisy ice machine. Thought you should know.
shapu, Oct 08 2004

       I just had a thought - if you kill yourself, to whom would you send the letter?
shapu, Oct 08 2004

       I like the idea very much.   

       [ ] That was no sugar. [ ] Beware! I'm Alive!
Saruman, Dec 16 2004

       [ ] I see live people!   

       [ ] Sleep well...... If you can.......   

       [ ] Last time I died, it hurt a lot more.
DesertFox, Dec 16 2004

       [ ] You're getting the bill for this mailing.
cuckoointherye, Jan 24 2005

       It's a site about people writing letters from the point of view that they have already died. This is an idea about people writing letters from the point of view that they have already died - and addressing them to their murderer. Yep, no relevance.   

       I think from my best psychoanalytical perspective, [ ] was somewhat disturbed by the site, repressed what [ ] didn't like, and went into denial that such a horribly depressing site could be in any way relevant to such a comical, fun idea such as this.
cuckoointherye, Jan 24 2005

       [ ] You are *so* out of the will.   

       Im just saying, to my eyes you're cuckoo.
cuckoointherye, Jan 24 2005

       this idea always creeps me out.
benfrost, Jan 24 2005

       [ ] so, I forgot your address...+
xandram, Jul 23 2010


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