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All about any product, advertising free
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Most information about products you find on the web is commercial. But where to read the full story about it?

Journalists usually do not care to write about all products or some more than others. The consumers' organisations write about a lot but can not cover everything. Usually most of their site is behind a paywall.

The basis of the site can be generated from free government databases of products that were admitted to the market.

Wikipedians can enrich entries in the same way as on Wikipedia, based on reliable sources and in an encyclepdic tone of voice.

Marketeers from companies can try to expand the entries about their products but when it is downright sales speak it gets deleted or rewritten by the wikipedians.

rrr, Aug 07 2022

Proposed in 2019 https://meta.wikime...rg/wiki/Wikiproduct
infoboxes and urls to exact products [a1, Aug 07 2022]

A sample plain old Wikipedia entry for a product: "Oobi" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oobi_(toy)
How would the Wikiproduct entry be different? [jutta, Aug 07 2022]


       Encyclepdic, adj: stolen from an encyclopedia.   

       What would be the difference between the Wikipedia entry about a product and the Wikiproduct entry about it?
jutta, Aug 07 2022

       Special Darkweb Services offer this NEW chance to secretly influence product reviews on Wikiproduct!
Want to boost the profile of your own product, or undermine the reputation of your competitors?
Send instructions and Bitcoin to <<##address redacted you know where to find us##>> and we will get our botnet of registered wikipedian accounts to work on your behalf at once.
pocmloc, Aug 07 2022

       The Wikipedia does not allow a separate entry for a product unless it has "notoriety", unless it has some fame to claim. Otherwise it should be part of the company's products, and even the company page might be erased. Not every company gets to be listed.
pashute, Aug 08 2022


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