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Window Flamethrowers

No need for locking your windows!
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Whenever somone tries to break in through your windows, they have a nice suprise waiting. When the glass of one of your windows are opened, special sensors send a message to a computer chip in the wall and flamethrowers ignite the gas in thier tanks and shoot flames out from the window sill. The robber will not be able to climb in the window unless he wants to get in flame broiled. All you must do it clean the nozzles and replace the propane tanks after every break in. It takes a long time for it to go out, so the robber will get tired of waiting for it to go out, and walk off to break into somone elses house. The chip also automaticly sets off and alarm that wakes up somone so they can replace the window or turn off the flamethrowers.
paperclip987, Nov 09 2004

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       Mccauley Culkin? Is that you?!
contracts, Nov 09 2004

       Probably illegal under U.S. law, but I am not a lawyer.
krelnik, Nov 09 2004

       Why not just use robotic ferrets, like with everything else?
bungston, Nov 09 2004

       You got some quality robotic ferrets, then. My old ones all smoked Swisher Sweets.
bungston, Nov 10 2004


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