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Window Holograms

Make pretty that face of glass
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Tall office buildings (those ones that look like they're built entirely of glass panels) could make interesting, if not slightly expensive, images and murals out of their office windows.

Imagine every window on the side of a skyscraper is given a coating (coloured & translucent plastic or otherwise) in varying colours and shades. From one angle viewers survey an image of the sunset, soft and warm; from the other a jungle landscape, dark and foreboding.

Or of course, a single image that appears to move, ie a face, the eyes of which follow the viewer.

kuupuuluu, Jul 24 2008


       Don't natural reflections do this anyway?
xandram, Jul 24 2008

       Aye they do, but if you're in a large city, the reflection is often of other buildings..
kuupuuluu, Jul 26 2008


       No offence to our American members is intended by the following suggestion: Could this idea be used to put holographic "reflections" of the World Trade Center into the glass of surrounding buildings?
david_scothern, Jul 26 2008

       [david_scothern] actually, an interesting thought. Have the old reflecting from the new as a reminder and a remembrance. [+] for the anno and for the idea.
Klaatu, Jul 26 2008

       I love the image of eyeballs in the windows of my house changing to follow each pressure sensor in the walkway as it is activated.   

       [+] even though I know this will be abused by politicians, religious zealots, and marketing people to advertise.
CwP, Jul 27 2008


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