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Window Tabs

Tabs for windows
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That's it really. Extend the idea of tabs for document windows, like Firefox and others, to the whole application window.
A right click on a window border allows a pre-defined size of tab to be dragged out to an arbitrary or pre-defined width. The tab has the application name and/or the document name on it. This would make it much easier navigate around multiple apps open on the desktop.
Yes, I know you can use the little buttons on the task-bar - but I generally don't. I find it easier to arrange overlapping windows so each one that I need to access has at least one edge visible at all times. The tab idea would allow for more than 4 be to arranged like this. Colour-coding could be optional to allow for grouping.
robilode, Mar 30 2006

CPN2000 http://www.ibiblio....hi/uist00_05_m1.mpg
Supports tabbed windows [dragice, May 28 2007]


       Now if you were talking tabs for the windows in my house, then you'd get a bun.
oniony, Mar 30 2006


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