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Window display

No, not an OS
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I suppose the natural thought about Holographic displays is that they will enable 3D images, but there is another advantage.

After peering at my miniscule Blackberry display again, and getting rather frustrated with not being able to see the complete web page without zooming in and panning along each and every line of text (and I am short sighted which means this kind of peering is not difficult), I suddenly realised that a holographic display would allow me to look at the screen at an angle to see the rest of the page which would apparently look as if it were behind the frame of the normal display.

So: the image would appear to be behind the face of the display; the user looks through what would be like a window at an image which appears to be larger than the window. That effectively makes a larger display without the penalties of a larger device.

Ling, Jan 09 2011

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       Both the idea and [bigsl]'s annotation are bunnable.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 09 2011


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