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Winning Lotto Ticket

Sell pre-paid, winning lottery tickets
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I hate giving money. People give lottery tickets because they cost a dollar, and there is a chance that the ticket will be a winner. But how about giving a lottery ticket that always wins? You prepay $50, and the "winner" scratches off that grey scuzz to expose a winning combination ($40). They go online to claim their prize. The purchaser decides if the winner will get a prize, cash, a choice of prizes etc. I make deals with companies offerring their products as prizes, so I get a quantity discount. You get the idea. It is a quirk gift, but it could be the rage until people got the hang of it. When people figured it out, you could simply offer a choice of prizes.
jpcutler, Jan 21 2004


       That's a great gift idea; one step above the biggest cop-out: gift certificates. The recipient could cash in the ticket for a "mystery gift". Perfect for the perpetually procrastinating indecisive male Christmas shopper.
rbdweasel, Jan 21 2004

       who gets the other $10? good causes?
po, Jan 21 2004

       First, it would pay for my car insurance, then good causes.
jpcutler, Jan 21 2004

       Without the prize money, this is Baked: stores in Connecticut (I am told - I have seen the product, not the stores) sell spoof lotto tickets where every one is a winner. It's only when you read the fine print (pays out "in your dreams") that it becomes obvious it is a joke item.
DrCurry, Jan 21 2004

       but it is a spoof, right? no prize. hmmm. Let me drive up there in my uninsured car and check it out.
jpcutler, Jan 21 2004

       That's kind of the reverse, Doc, isn't it? The idea as stated gives the recipient the thrill of winning a real prize, while your example just tricks them. (WTAGIPBAN)
krelnik, Jan 21 2004

       Yep, a cruel trick if the victim doesn't realize quickly.
DrCurry, Jan 21 2004

       A nice way to entertain kids. Of course it would send the wrong message to them, but it could still be fun to watch them get all excited.
kbecker, Jan 21 2004

       Good idea. You are going to make people into compulsive gamblers. Do you work for a casino?
monkeywidget, Jan 21 2004

       ... or a car insurance company?
reap, Jan 21 2004

       So creative! I've also seen the fake winning tickets, but this is really cool. +
phundug, Jan 22 2004

       Nice idea. Esp. if the person you give it to thinks it a real ticket, and they've really been lucky. They'll love you forever.
simonj, Mar 28 2004


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