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I always enter those raffles in airport duty-frees for luxury + sport cars. Mainly cause I love cars, and quite frankly can't afford all the lush ones, but also cause the odds are really quite good. 1000:1 or 500:1 . Albeit you're paying a premium ticket price, but its still nice to know you're chances aren't as crap as say the UK lotto which is 45000000:1 or thereabout.

Anyhow I propose a website be made to raffle just about anything much the same way these duty-frees do. To my knowledge this doesn't already exist.

There would be different sections raffling different items. From cars to watches and maybe even homes. But really, anything could be raffled. Jewlery, clothes, electronics etc.

A negligable margin would be added to the price of the item and premium tickets would be sold at a predetermined price and capped at around a tousand. At which point the winning ticket would be drawn and the lucky contestant notified.

I see this as more of an ebay-esque service, but instead you just pay a small sum of the items value and gamble on winning it with nice-odds

shinobi, Dec 08 2005

Preview of coming attractions. http://www.erafflenetwork.com/memberarea
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Dec 08 2005]

Smart bid http://www.smartbid.co.za
see annotation [Flux, Dec 09 2005]

Win My House For £10 http://www.winthishouse.org.uk/
Well not my house, but you know. [hidden truths, Dec 09 2005]


       Never saw this myself, but have to admit I'd be surprised to know it doesn't exist. Apart from a few security and trustworthiness issues, seems like a slam dunk to win with the wagering crowd.
reensure, Dec 08 2005

       We've got a bidding site here with a simular sort of idea. You bid a really low price and you could 'win' it at that price (the trick is you pay a small admin fee to join any auction) so its basically a raffel.   

Flux, Dec 09 2005

       Although I'm giving this man free advertising, I think that this is the kind of thing that you are talking about [shinobi], only in a larger format. The man in the link has the forethought to put a cap of 25,000 entrants, so that the odds can't be too discouraging.   

       I agree with [reensure] though. It would seem unlikely that this doesn't already exist, but as I have yet to see it, I'll give you a pre-emptive bun, unless anyone can bring up the goods.
hidden truths, Dec 09 2005

       I love this idea. I would have a lot of fun buying raffle tickets for less extravagant (and more realistic) prizes. It's more attractive to sellers than eBay since you have control over what you get for your stuff by setting the price of the raffle tickets and the number sold rather than being at the mercy of the bidders. I think it would be difficult to make it legal though.
gordy, Feb 16 2009


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