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Wire-fu Exercise Kit

Tae Bo meets The Matrix et al.
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The Wire-fu Exercise Kit combines the quasi-martial arts workout of the highly successful Tae Bo with the stylish acrobatics scene in movies such as The Matrix, Romeo Must Die and many other Hong Kong action flicks.

Basically it is a contraption that is set up in a room consisting of wires you connect to various parts of your body depending on the workout you want to do. An onboard computer then applies and releases tension or creates movement in the wires for that workout. For example, if you want to exercise your leg muscles, you would set up yourself similar to that scene from The Matrix when Neo does several small kicks in mid-air against Morpheous. You can even program a whole routine!

It can also be used for other purposes, such as aiding budding film makers in making fight movies.

mrkillboy, Aug 26 2000


       Yaay!! I can finally do a flying seventeen-fold kick!! And stay in shape!! Yeah, it would be fun... You really wouldn't be able to do some stuff, like, ever (at least, not without sunglasses). But I do think it would be fun! I would try it (I wouldn't buy one, because it would cost about $30,000,000,000,000,000). But to have one at the gym....
TahuNuva, Nov 04 2007

       Could be an add-on for the Wii. Only thing I'm worried about is if the wires would snag.
Shadow Phoenix, Nov 04 2007


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