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Virtual Exercising

Simulate your workout so you don't get bored on the stationary machines.
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The room would be able to generate breezes and change sounds so crickets chirp and it's synched to your oars in rowing so you hear them in the water. All the while you're wearing virtual plasma glasses so the scenery all around you is passing at a speed equivalent to your strokes or your paces on the treadmill. Everything is synched to your workout so it simulates the outdoors, even a sunny day with a heat lamp generating the "sunshine". Don't get bored on an stationary bike, control your environment and have fun.
Maybe even have the situation be a war zone and you have to run through it, or you set it up like your nightmares, and even though it feels like you're running fast, everything is moving by slowly, and he's catching up!
nratzan, Jun 07 2003

My idea of virtual exericising http://digilander.l.../mrolympia/m622.jpg
Simulate the results too: cut and paste this image. [DrCurry, Oct 04 2004]

Virtual Exercise http://www.cyclingn...features/cyberbikes
One of a few bike based systems already baked [PiledHigherandDeeper, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

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But the other way around. Especially for Ah To'd Ee! [egbert, Oct 04 2004]


       This is awesome! You could set it up for different competitions. Ride a Leg of the Tour de France against Chris Farley. If you can beat him, move on to Kieth Richards, etc on the next run.
Zimmy, Jun 08 2003

       I didn't even think about racing! That's a great idea [zimmy]. You could even set a program so you have to impress some chick or guy with your gnarly cycling! Or catch the half-naked teen who just slept with your daughter.
nratzan, Jun 08 2003

       Every time you glance behind you, that Grizzly gets just a little closer.   

       Or Monty Python:meaning of life: the scene where there's the song about being insignificant and the guy gets his organs taken out. While that song is playing you can run or stroke through the universe with a solid source of motivation.
nratzan, Jun 08 2003

Can we have your liver then?

       Wait, I would still have to excersize? Eff that!   

       Seriously, isn't this just a holo-deck?
ato_de, Jun 08 2003

       There is still the option of electro-stimulation of the muscles, but I think that killed Bruce Lee who was obviously in much better shape than most people on earth.
The skit justifying organs being taken out is like a bolt of lighting from another dimension. Where in the 'ell did they come up with that?
The application I was hesitant to suggest due to possibly only 5% of the world having an appreciation and understanding of the sport is American Football.
I have watched many games where I in fact know I could have made <that> catch. If given the opportunity to try it in sumulation I would actually do it. I probably am not the only one.
Zimmy, Jun 09 2003

       No, it's not just a holodeck. Holodecks are still pretty far beyond our technology. This virtual exercising room is something that could be built now since it relies on glasses rather than... how does the holodeck work?
Jezzie, Jun 09 2003

       Why not just go out on your bike?
git, Jun 09 2003

       I remember seeing an exercise bike that baked a form of this. There was a projection screen in front of the bike that showed the rider's-eye-view of a pre-recorded bike ride. The system automatically adjusted the speed of the replay of the recording to how fast you were pedaling, in order to simulate an actual bike ride.   

       There are also products on the market that connect a set of pedals to the inputs of a gaming system, so you can pedal to make your avatar move on the screen.   

       I like the idea of adding breeze simulation & such to make it seem more realistic.
krelnik, Jun 09 2003

       The only difference between what [krelnik] talks about and this is that this is more realistic, which is the whole motivation behind the idea, because if it feels and looks more realistic (especially if your perspective changes as you move your head), then the person working out will be more involved with the simulation and less with the idea of having to work out.
nratzan, Jun 09 2003

       I really can see the Matrix coming. Reminds me of a girl who lives near me. She gets a bus to go to a gym (2km along a coastline of nice Mediterranean beach) in order to "jog" 20 minutes on a conveyor belt, then gets the bus back. And she pays for it! No doubt she would be interested in "virtual beach" jogging.
git, Jun 10 2003

       Ofcourse then you could just go outside.
Gulherme, Jun 10 2003


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