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Wireless Indicator Light

L.E.D. indicator shows when people are talking.
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I hate dealing with people in the office or walking around on the street who are talking on their wireless headsets (either cell-phone or cordless phone), and thinking they are talking to me. You know, you go "what did you say" and realize like an idiot they were talking on the phone. My idea would be to put a prominant red L.E.D. light on part of the phone so that you could tell at a glance if someone is wirelessly communicating. For cell phones it might be on the little microphone that so many now have hanging from their earpieces. That way you might realize they are not talking to you before you feel foolish.
trekbody, Oct 21 2004


       Excellent. There should be a law! Or at least more courtesy. Cell phone talkers are Sooooo annoying!
bobad, Oct 21 2004

       <off topic>One time while I was walking past a co-worker's cube she looked at me and wished me a happy birthday. Flattered that she would even know it was my birthday (I was somewhat new), I thanked her and we began talking. At some point in the conversation she pretended to scratch her ear and I noticed that she was actually palming a little cell phone earpiece. This device would have saved us both from that experience.</off topic>
Worldgineer, Oct 21 2004

       These "I'm on a call" lights exist for regular deskphones. I've seen them in use and usually when the caller is using a headset so it's hard to visually discern when they are on the phone or not.
bristolz, Oct 22 2004

       //before you feel foolish// - the one who should feel foolish is the dipshit with the headset airing his non-public biz in public. Good idea though.
bpilot, Oct 22 2004

       An indicator of when someone is talking on a cell, huh well this one is already baked, its called...THEY ARE DRIVING.
triplenine, Jan 10 2005


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