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Wireless KVM switch

KVM without the cables.
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Hey, I can have a wireless controller for my game console, why not a switch for my keyboard, mouse and display?

I was originally thinking about dongles that attach directly to the I/O port in question. However, I wonder what the power requirements would be. The advantage of small size is portability. Portability implies battery power. You certainly wouldn't three wall warts driving each one.

Alternately, sell "repeaters" with the appropriate cable connections coming out the back. The "repeater" could look like a small wi-fi access point and sit on top of the computer in question*.

In either case, make the device(s) with user-selectable frequencies and some sort of encryption or shared key (dip switches?). Now you can have multiple "master" users, no cables and the whole setup is highly portable.

*or be implemented as an expansion card with the antenna out the back.

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phoenix, Feb 23 2004

Wireless KVM http://www.avocent....t/LongView+Wireless
? [Monkfish, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

WI-FI monitor http://viewsonic.co...l_airpanelv150p.htm
[1st2know, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Keyboard and mouse would be easy, especially USB as you can draw power from that. But the video connector would be quite a pain as you would need alot of bandwidth.
krelnik, Feb 23 2004

       [Monkfish] I'd seen the Avocent solution, but it's a one-to-one item. That is, it's a KVM _extender_, not a switch. Of course, that holds true of [1st2know]'s link as well, after a fashion.   

       [krelnik] I agree, but screen-scrapping could be part of the protocol. Maybe imbed VNC or RDP.
phoenix, Feb 24 2004


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