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Wireless Xmas Tree lights

Tree lights without wires
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As our esteemed manor-owner [MaxwellBuchanan] has noted in a recent annotation: //Can (tree) lights not be wireless// [link], of course they can, as he should know well. His ancestors no doubt lit the manor with candles at only minor risk of conflagration.

These days, there are many techniques suitable for creating small colored points of light without wires: electro-chemical, oscillating magnetic field, infra- or ultra-sonic energy transference, etc, etc.

Max's anno has motivated me to light our tree this year with the simplest solution, multiple individually powered LEDs (which happen to be sound sensitive - I have a few hundred prototypes sitting around the laboratory.)

I'll post a video after we've purchased and trimmed the tree.

csea, Dec 09 2012

Christmas tree ornament net Christmas_20tree_20ornament_20net
See [MB]'s annotation [csea, Dec 09 2012]


       A well-lobbed white phosphorous grenade will create a delightful array of lights in any tree without any wires or even electricity.
Alterother, Dec 10 2012

       ^or survivors.
AusCan531, Dec 10 2012

       If you consider that a fiber-optic line is usually not equated with a "wire" then you could have fiber-optic tree lights and a line leading away from the tree to a light source. Thus we keep the letter of the Idea while ignoring its spirit (grin).
Vernon, Dec 10 2012


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