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Wireless doorbell

No batteries, either. How?
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A squeeze bulb piped via pneumatic tubing to a horn inside the house.
The squeeze bulb could be modified to resemble anything interesting, such as a nose.
Ling, Jun 16 2008

"What knockers!" http://www.youtube....watch?v=Y4Kbyte51MY
the seen mentiond by lan Tindale [dev45, Jun 18 2008]


       I'm glad to see some one else likes "Young Frankenstein"   

       could you make the bulb in the shape of breasts ?
dev45, Jun 16 2008

       Be ready for a proliferation of novelty "squirt" door honks.   

       My main problem would be the working fluid, in this case a gas. Gasses compress, so the distance between the squeeze bulb and the horn will need to be relatively short, or it may need to be augmented by some auxillary power.
4whom, Jun 16 2008

       //could you make the bulb in the shape of breasts ?//
Yeah, whatever gets your horn going...
Ling, Jun 16 2008

       It's more of a doorhorn, really, isn't it?
Murdoch, Jun 16 2008

       I suppose so, but then what should we call those electronic gizmos that sing a little tune? Perhaps there should be a generic name, such as Door announcer. But then it might be a gate, so let's try Entrance announcer. Doesn't have the same ring, does it?
Ling, Jun 16 2008

       // Doesn't have the same ring, does it? //   

       No, more of a "PARRRPP" sound, shirley ?
8th of 7, Jun 16 2008

Honk if your horny.

       What about my horny?   

       Amazing. If you say "squeeze bulb," there has to be some kind of breast reference.   

       And now I'm thinking of those Indian tantric statues.   

nomocrow, Jun 18 2008

       OK I was just playing off lan Tindale Comment.   

       see link for the seen in question.
dev45, Jun 18 2008

       Doh!, Why don't spell checkers flag words that can be spelled different ways?   

       ...or I could just learn to spell correctly but that seems a bit rash.   

       a wireless doorbell that doesn't require batteries is quite baked. Back in the day large homes would have a pull rope going from a handle next to the door to a bell clanger located deep within the house. Sure, instead of wires you still needed to run a rope, but your idea requires running an air hose, same difference.
ServoMan314, Jun 19 2008

       I knew that, but convinced myself that, instead of 'rope', they used 'wire rope'.
Ling, Jun 19 2008

       No batteries? Very baked indeed. There are spring loaded doorbells that mount directly to the door.
Jscotty, Jun 20 2008

       The problem of back pressure still exists. To overcome back pressure in non-compressable fluids you need a stonger pump. In compressable fluids it just means you won't get your desired result.   

       The horn will have to be in close proximity to the squeeze bulb. After the desired vibration, you can transmit that where-ever you want, provide for energy losses though.
4whom, Jun 20 2008

       [boysparks] ok, a non battery doorbell that specifically uses pnuemtics maybe isn't baked, but I don't see the advantage to using pnuematics vs any of the other non-battery methods.
ServoMan314, Jun 21 2008

       Who said there was supposed to be any advantage? Perhaps it boils down to whether you want a Ring, Tinkle, Tune or an OOOMPAHHH.
Ling, Jun 21 2008

       //but your idea requires running an air hose//   

       If you're running a hose, why not stick a funnel on both ends and have a wireless intercom system as well???   

       I know I know. Let me save you the trouble. What "funnel" that be?
r_kreher, Jun 22 2008

       Put a trumpet mouthpiece on the outside, and a tuba on the inside ..... very Addams Family ....   

       Actually, if you had a trumpet mouthpiece and rods running through the door to the valves, visitors could announce their arrival with a personal fanfare....   

       Door Trumpet: "Dah Da DAAA, Dah Da DAA, Dur Da DAA DAA, Dah Da DURRRR ....."   

       You: "Bugger, it's the in-laws - quick, hide the good Whisky...."
8th of 7, Jun 22 2008

       How about a Didgeridon't?   

       I'm not likely to put my lips anywhere near somebody's front door not matter how inviting the novelty door announcer device is. However, as we speak (type?), a highly-trained and, through no fault of my own, under-financed team of gadgeteers and enviro-titionists are working on "The Whoopee Doorbell".   

       The Whoopee Doorbell is a pneumatically-powered front door annunciation device, whereby a visitor wishing their presence to be known simply steps onto a "welcome" mat situated by the front door. The application of their weight to the mat causes the rapid deflation of an air bladder hidden beneath. This rushing air is carried by tubing to the annunciator, where it passes through a moist, reed-like, bi-labial chamber, creating a resounding "plthbptbpt" (that's how my spell-checker spells it) which can easily be heard throughout the domicile.   

       <aside - for jutta's sake I left off the obligatory reference to a certain stringed instrument. Y'r welcome!>
Canuck, Jun 22 2008

       [+] I want a foghorn.
kuupuuluu, Jun 23 2008

       Aaaah, fukit, no-ones listening... How about Mike Oldfeild's Tubular Balls?
4whom, Jun 23 2008

       You can get tablets for that now. We keep getting emails about them ....
8th of 7, Jun 23 2008


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