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Wolf crying

When It's bad sing with wolves
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Very well looked after wolves, mildly domesticated. When people feel a bit sad they can go and howl with the wolves. Anyone who ever had a dog knows they need no encouragement. Qualifications for 'wolf crying' do not exist, if you feel a bit grim come on down and have a howl, it's utterly un-political and sympathetic. Instant choir of "I know, sometimes you get a bad hand." I suppose this is, in some ways, the function that our animal companions perform anyway. They may even develop a caste system whereby non-singing wolves see the benefits (food, afffection) of being good at singing and aspire to this. Mummy wolves teaching their children to sing. To make it viable you would have to charge, of course the money should go to the 'wolves', but what do they want? Meat? Mating? Adventure? Looking at this now I see I haven't really thought this out to it's exciting extremes. One could organise to have a surgical brain heammorage to eradicate memory and then enter some sort of Kevin Costner 'Grumbles with wolves'episode.
weedy, Apr 22 2005


       Wolves are terribly shy. Maybe you should just meet up with other broken- hearted people that want to howl and bay at the moon. Wolf costumes optional.
st3f, Apr 22 2005

       The Wolf Who Cried "Boy!".
hippo, Apr 22 2005

       My first dog was always happy to have a howl with me. He was cool.
wagster, Apr 22 2005

       Burning the ground I break from the crowd I’m on the hunt I’m after you I smell like I sound, I’m lost and I’m found And I’m hungry like the wolf   

       Weedy's lost it.
daseva, Jun 17 2005

       I assume this is some sort of wolf choir, where people can turn up and howl along with them. It took me a while to work this out - did I guess right? And if so, are you sure there isn't a better category for it?
Let me rephrase that - there is a better category for it.
moomintroll, Jun 17 2005

       Yeah, I'm hopeless at gettting the categories right. Techie problems. Incidentally, a while ago I was bitten in face by a chihuahua called 'Priscilla' and had to have 2 infections in my buttock.
weedy, Jun 27 2005

       You don't actually mean "infections", do you?
angel, Jun 27 2005


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