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Shoe Bidet

Automate dog poo-on-shoe removal
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Having stepped in poo once too often, having clumped around with one shoe on, one shoe in hand, trying to manipulate garden hose and not get exposed foot/sock wet it occurred to me: why not a shoe bidet? Maybe nothing more than one of those flip/flop sprinklers put into a box with a shoe-sized hole in the top and a quarter-turn valve to activate. No more shoe removal; no more 'splash back' with unclean watery debris, etc.
Steamboat, Dec 29 2007

Boot brush http://www.northern...images/19266_lg.jpg
Almost as good [wagster, Dec 29 2007]


       Yeah, Me too. +
rascalraidex, Dec 29 2007

       Shoe bidet, shoo bop bop bop bedow! +
csea, Dec 29 2007

       Needs something else to floss between those hard to clean parts.. like the letters of the manufacturer's logo +
xenzag, Dec 29 2007

       The Boot Brush (link) is the traditional solution to this problem. Your idea would probably work better as it involves water, therefore [+]
wagster, Dec 29 2007

autoboner likes dog doo, pass it on.

       You should call it a Cleveland Steamboat.
jaksplat, Dec 30 2007


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