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Selectable palatability pet food

Because a cat can't choose to lose.
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Back in the old days, cats were cats. Lean, sleek little tigers they prowled around our homes startling us with their efficiency, balance and poise.

Today's cats are supersized. They are as square as plush-covered concrete blocks. They astonish us with the amount of grace they can still muster while their bellies drag along the ground.

Are we feeding them more? When I was a kid, cat food was left out all day, but cats back then nibbled only as much as they needed. What gives? Are pets getting outside less? Maybe, but I see the same trend among my cat friends in the country.

I believe that the culprit is pet food. It must taste better than it used to. All those miow mix blind taste tests have resulted in food that can't be resisted. The poor critters can't help eating themselves into a state of hyper-inflation.

So, I propose graded palatablity pet food. Labels on the outside of the bags clearly identify a product rated from -5 to +5 in flavor, as determined by a panel of blindfolded experts. If you find your pet is a little tubby, just adjust your choice down a grade next time you're shopping.

Heathera, Aug 28 2006


       //Pets a little tubby? // if you must!
po, Aug 28 2006

       Adjustment made.
Heathera, Aug 28 2006

       I don't know but I think it may have to do with what the pet food companies are putting in their food that causes pets to gain weight and not just because it taste better. I think they are adding more grain and filler than they used to.   

       We feed our pets food without filler stuff. I don't want to say holistic because that might be going a bit far but we can read everything on the ingredient list without using a dictionary.   

       The pets in question don't do a damn thing all day and have all the food they can eat. They are all just the right weight and have fantastic fur. So it may be the quality that counts here, not just taste. Just saying...
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Aug 29 2006

       "New improved CatMunch - now 30% less palatable"
Texticle, Aug 29 2006

       "For the lean to low weight dog, new 'Taste like cat crap' dog food."
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Aug 29 2006

       Mmmm...boiled bird.
methinksnot, Aug 31 2006

       How is "Boiled Bird" different from "Chicken Soup"?
Galbinus_Caeli, Aug 31 2006

       Chicken soup does not include the distillate goodness of feathers.
methinksnot, Aug 31 2006

       To say nothing of all those beaks. They're chock full of beaky goodness.
Texticle, Sep 01 2006

       Well, what about canned chicken soup then?
Galbinus_Caeli, Sep 01 2006

       //Well, what about canned chicken soup then?//   

       [Galbinus_Caeli] has a point there.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Sep 01 2006


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