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Work exchange

Want to try another job?
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I dont know how many people are tired of their jobs, but probably quite a few. Maybe some people would be interested in an opertunity to change jobs for a couple of weaks.

This is how it could be done:

1: A company or organisation works as a link between those who want to try a new job and the other companies, like a market.

2: People check the list and find something that sounds interesting.

3: The "link-company" decides who get to work where.

4: The person tired of his job talks to his boss and takes a few weaks off to work somewhere else.

The workers should get payed a small salary, to cover basic needs during the period. They get to try a different job, and get contacts in that company.

The company get cheap labor.

It would probably also be interesting for newly graduated people strugeling to get a job.

Why do people need a "public offer" to do this? I think its either because they havent thought about asking a company if they can work there for two weeks, or because they are embarassed to ask because its not normal(yet).

plexus, Jul 25 2008

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