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Workstation presets

Because your coworker keeps moving things around
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Almost everyone likes things a certain way - the hammer over here where it's just natural to grab it when your hand is on the way to the thing to be hammered, the tape just so, the rivets right there - and your way is never my way. When multiple people are using the same workstation each person has to spend a couple of minutes rearranging stuff. This is also true for 1st shift/2nd shift workers who are coming in after each other on the same line. In my case the Work In Progress tickets are never in the right place, the grinder is always out of position and I do not like that stupid floor pad that my 1st shift counterpart uses. I have to shift everything and kick the pad under the line.

We need a robot that can recognize who is coming and set things in order for that person. This robot could be programmed with face recognition if multiple people are using the same station at unpredictable times during the same shift, or just with a certain tool layout to be activated at a certain time for shift changes. The robot would have a magnet pad and two manipulator arms, and would probably be suspended from a cable attached to the ceiling.

Tipping would be optional, but highly encouraged. Maybe an AAA battery. ;)

Psalm_97, Feb 05 2012


       You see the guy going out as you're coming in, unless there is a 15+ minute gap between shifts. And I have my music (see workplace audio halfbaked idea I started) so... as the old folks say... hoot for him.   

       In fact, with my workplace's tradition of workers getting five minutes at the end of the shift to clean up before the quitting bell, I have to be on the furnace line five minutes earlier than everyone else in my shift. I see enough of my 1st shift counterpart as it is.
Psalm_97, Feb 05 2012

       I like it; an automated industrial robot that _doesn't_ replace a human worker on the floor. [+]
Alterother, Feb 05 2012

       Excellent. The physical world should be more like virtual reality. If you make a mistake, does this robot have an "undo" button that will put everything back the way it started?
mouseposture, Feb 05 2012


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