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World Cup road cones

with a few minor adjustments...
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... millions of them, overnight, (with the help of legions of footie fans and a few rolls of masking tape), they could be transformed into St George flags.

for the duration of the World Cup.

po, Jun 11 2006


       They're called white vans. See them, stationary, every day on the M25.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jun 11 2006

       Duration of the entire World Cup. No matter how far the team with St Georges cross as their emblem get?   

       I don't think I can support this. Might cause a whole load of accidents up North - "Sorry officer, I just saw the cones and *had* to cross three lanes of traffic to get them...
Jinbish, Jun 11 2006

       Hot cross road cones, cool.
skinflaps, Jun 11 2006

       Millions of sets of red crosshairs everywhere.
Letsbuildafort, Jun 11 2006

       any links to that, AWL?
po, Jun 17 2006


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