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World Happiness index

Another signal for investors and government
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I think the World Happiness Report is a poor first step. It's produced annually and it isn't connected to any thing in particular, such as a particular event or change in society.

Nobody can make heads or tails what caused happiness or unhappiness. There's no cause connected to effect.

Local governments and governments spend billions on social care and improvements designed to relieve suffering. But they do not check afterwards how effective the spending was. If they do, it's some lousy report that nobody reads or actions.

I propose every citizen have a happiness account. In this account, you can report your happiness about some thing that has happened.

Every interaction between companies and government has an identifier. You can use this identifier when you fill out a happiness impression. This is a simple record of your happiness score caused by an interaction. You can also provide a reason.

You can give the interaction a score.

This score is aggregated in thousands and thousands of ways: by local council, by city, by shop that you shop in, by country, by company you do business with and so on. These form happiness indexes. They have names like the FTSE-100

You can also review URLs and give them happiness scores.

There's also a global aggregated score which is total happiness.

Now, with this information available, companies, governments can make decisions that truly maximise happiness in the world.

"Government announces tax cut. Happiness jumps 10% year- on- year"

"Happiness returning to mean. Someone better do something"

"This movie has increased happiness the most this year"

"Charitable giving of XYZ charity increased happiness by 30% this year. This charity has the best return on happiness investment."

chronological, Jul 01 2020

0oo.li -- Dimensions of Happiness https://0oo.li/meth...nsions-of-happiness
Related idea: Define abstract dimensions, that correlate best with people's happiness, and model people's movement in that space, to intentionally achieve social bliss. [Mindey, Jul 02 2020, last modified Jul 03 2020]


       Mood tracking apps are WKTE but this idea is broader than them. They do not aggregate scores across people.
chronological, Jul 01 2020

       What is the difference between happiness, contentedness, and ignorance?   

       If it is self-reported, how do you deal with reporting bias? i.e. I am very happy outside flying my kite, but my neighbour is at home feeling grumpy and logging on every 4 minutes to update his lack of happiness status.
pocmloc, Jul 01 2020

       per-individual reports can be registered once per unit of time, and the score from last time can be kept if there is no update. How do you keep people from lying about how happy they are? You know, if we just pass around enough heroin we'll increase happiness 500%
Voice, Jul 01 2020

       // maximise happiness   

       You need to establish why this is a desirable goal. Happiness is overrated. Interesting is much better.
tatterdemalion, Jul 01 2020

       I'll take both. 2020 could be called "interesting."
RayfordSteele, Jul 01 2020

       [Chronological] I like your idea, you could possibly improve it by adding a dimension of what kind of people are made happy by what.   

       There is a scientific version of the Myers Briggs type Indicator (MBTI) called the Big Five personality test. I think something like the MBTI, or some other type classification system with a plurality of types could be made by finding the most frequently occurring clusters of big five scores. That would distinguish extroverted people who like thinking, approach things from a perspective of feeling, who are tidy and well organized, from timid people who like physical sensations, like thinking and facts, and are messy. These personality cluster types would have their own happiness database sortables, and products offered, changes made, and opportunities created to bring happiness to the different types. [+]
beanangel, Jul 01 2020

       //What is the difference between happiness, contentedness, and ignorance? //   

       Um... only one of those words can fill in the blank of the following sentence;
"I was beaten, abused, discarded and left in a state of utter "________".

       What do I Win?!   

       David Pearce would love this idea. See link for my recent thoughts on the dimensions that are common to all MBTI types, though, are different and arguably more actionable than the categories described in the Maslow's pyramid. :)
Mindey, Jul 02 2020

       I think Facebook owns this idea. We would have to get their permission to use the like and unlike concept, even if we call it happiness and unhappiness. Then we should pop over to Google Analytics to get their permission to track it and sell it back to government agencies for their usage.   

       I think they have the proof of concept all worked out!
tumblewit, Jul 03 2020

       // I think Facebook owns this idea.   

       [tumblewit], can't be true. Most people in China never heard of it.
Mindey, Jul 03 2020

       There is such a thing as being "too happy". Just ask my coworkers. They don't all like my perpetual happiness and like to try and squelch it on a regular basis. For them, I have my fake UnHaPpy look. It's a cross between a smile and a gag.
blissmiss, Jul 03 2020


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