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War that only kills or happylongs officers or highly ranked organized criminals

Officers or high ranking organized criminals have different body language or startle response when they see an image of a particular rank or different recognition of visual objects. That recognition cues a UV laser or collimated LED group to give them coded UVB or UVC reactions. Bacteria or mechanisms that respond to this then terminate the high ranking military.
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"There would be peace if the generals had to fight" I have heard it said so this is a way to target only officer ranking personnel or highly placed organized criminals for Happylong or death. Possibly preventing war. Happylong is just where a bacteria or virus makes a person so happy like on nitrous oxide that they cease to have social presence to others. Its much kinder than killing, possibly much kinder than detaining persons as well.

A person of officer rank, or among organized criminals the ranks they use to describe each other, recognizes certain visuals like near area visuals of their uniform, possibly the shoulder side view or downglance of a decorated shirt view, or even various images of military instruction material. My perception is that the some organized criominals might have different reactions to gold \ , dragon, ¥ symbolism. Thus giving organized criminals rank specificity of being targetted with biological weapons.

a moderately effective truth detection technology like digital thermography, sequential passes of visual or audio recognition or suprise reactions (look of casual command when hearing a particular rank as compared with look of expectant alertness), or even p300 measures like brain fingerprinting, the awareness of these visuals then uses a UV laser to nonvisibly mark their hair or dermis. It is better if its more effective, yet since it is a war technology if it misses, well hmmmmmm.

Then variously an armament that recognizes the marking kills or happylongs just the officers or high ranking organized criminals. Possibly a biological weapon is able to distinguish a UVC reaction near a UVB reaction as a result of specific or higher amplitude of cytokines thus coactivating genes at a virus or bacteria present at the general population thus preferentially happylonging or killing the Officers of the military or high ranking organized criminals wherever they may live.

One benefit to using a biological weapon approach is that although some high ranking personnel may be far from the field of conflict the bacteria or viruses can be made omnipresent at the domestic area as well.

One can certainly imagine where two countries preferring peace over war put up with a ubiquitous bacteria or virus that makes people live longer healthier lives unless they are UV marked. The peptide AEDG reduces cancer, some probiotics cause mammals to live double digit pct longer, It may be possible to engineer a form of staphlococcus aureus to make published chemicals that double the speed of wound healing, curing rather than infecting. Thus the peace bacteria that makes people live longer, heal faster as well as prevents cancer also kills all military officers or high ranking organized criminals if there is a war.

As a deterrent to war the officers could know that the biological weapon had a number of varieties some which would only activate at the climate of the domestic country, upon infection of a histocompatability similar person, Thus the infected military officer or organized criminal would be aware they were twice as likely to bring death or happylong to their families as well as the people of their domestic country if they returned after visiting a war area. Kill the officers or organized criminals kill all their siblings and parents. Those organized criminals that previously valued family would be permanently separated from it or lethal to all family. Make the disease most active at their country.

Remember that although this sounds stern as it kills or happylongs only high ranking war personnel as well as high ranking organized criminals the civilian casualty ratio is much better, also it is possible that officers as well as organized criminals bay be more deterred with the thought of being foolish with happylong, their efforts appropriated or ignored, than death. Possibly making happylong the more effective deterrent to war.

beanangel, Feb 22 2012

Happylong http://www.youtube....watch?v=lQooJtczufA
[beanangel, Feb 23 2012]

Digital thermography truth detection patent 5,771,261 http://patft.uspto....=5771261&RS=5771261
[beanangel, Feb 23 2012]

AEDG peptide reduces cancer http://www.springer...t/k72q18426537g0p6/
[beanangel, Feb 23 2012]

Katyn massacre http://en.wikipedia...wiki/Katyn_massacre
Ultimately counter-productive [8th of 7, Feb 23 2012]

Bacteria that make lab creatures live longer pmid 21652104 http://www.ncbi.nlm...gov/pubmed/21652104
The mean life span (determined as mean percent survival) of worms fed L. plantarum CJLP133 and L. fermentum LA12 was 13.89% and 13.69% greater, respectively, than that of control nematodes [beanangel, Feb 23 2012]

Lab mice live noticeably longer with a particular probiotic http://www.ncbi.nlm.../pone-0023652-g001/
apparently at 45 weeks 3 of 4 control mice had died of natural causes yet 4 of 5 probiotic mice were still alive. This is much more than 70 pct longevity gain from a GI tract bacteria yet they did not run the experiment until all animals had completed their lifespan http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3156754/ [beanangel, Feb 23 2012]

The Modern Traveller http://www.archive....traveller00belluoft
Hillaire Belloc [8th of 7, Feb 26 2012]


       As best I can tell, this idea advocates violating the Geneva Protocol, the Biological Weapons Convention, the Chemical Weapons Convention, and possibly several other international treaties. While that might normally merit a bun, the science, unfortunately, seems more than a bit shaky.
ytk, Feb 23 2012

       A 5 on the Richter scale, at least.
Alterother, Feb 23 2012

       Old General Stoneface will not be happylonged.
rcarty, Feb 23 2012

       This will end up being a movie plot. I just know it.
Grogster, Feb 23 2012

       One of these days I will understand the meaning of 'happylong.' But then I suspect that they will come to take me away.
RayfordSteele, Feb 23 2012

       Look on the bright side: you'll be sharing a room with [beanangel]!
Alterother, Feb 23 2012

       I noticed this is under [general]...is that the high ranking officer?
xandram, Feb 23 2012

       Is it possible that [beanangel] is channeling the spirit of Spike Milligan ? There is a very Goon-show quality to this ...
8th of 7, Feb 23 2012

       //Kill the officers or organized criminals kill all their siblings and parents.// No, that doesn't sound much like Spike at all.
mouseposture, Feb 23 2012

       I if it's occurred to [beanangel] that A) most high-ranking military officers of the modern era are decent, intelligent and hard-working people who worked their way up through the ranks (or at least started as 2nd Louies), and B) criminals make lousy soldiers?
Alterother, Feb 23 2012

       // most high-ranking military officers of the modern era are decent, intelligent and hard-working people //   

       <silent, open-mouthed incomprehension>   

       // criminals make lousy soldiers? //   

       However, violent thugs make excellent Royal Marines, and those with criminally aquisitive tendencies and experience in handling stolen goods are highly sought after as Quartermasters.
8th of 7, Feb 23 2012

       Very kind of people to have commented   

       Although it sounds the way it sounds lets have a look at what would have occured if this had been applied to The spanish american war, Napoleon, as well as WWII   

       Or lets not, thats a lot of effort. Basically at each of these the foreign invaders officers would have turned into giggling persons absent social effect, or dead, which was on their risk sheet anyway. As a result the United States would have likely skipped all foreign wars then permanently banished, or possibly quarantined at one loony state, any person that served overseas, also removing the domestic presence of a willing to go to war group. Peace generates wealth.   

       I have read that the US National debt was 49,000 USD per person. Thus for what the government _says_ it provided with merely overbudget funds, each family of 4 could have had 200,000 USD instead. That is sufficient to get an above average dwelling two blocks walk away from a public school (roseburg) or an average dwelling near one of the Oregons top 1 percentile rated schools(Bend) at the state of Oregon, for every American. So this government foreign war thing really looks less appealing than other things, like the equi-topranked (20 best schools all with equal upper 1 pct test scores) "best" public school at the state, or a big dwelling on the edge of a nature reserve with a stream two blocks walk from a school.   

       Although only a portion of that 200k is military, keeping the 3.5 pct a year spent on defense at peoples pockets would Generate not an entire economys quantitity of useable wealth every 33 years, (100/3.5 pct) as a result of finance it would be about every two decades. I actually remember 1992, so that is how brief a period it would take to create that large a public retained funds benefit. So if the thirst to prepare as well as spend on foreign wars is removed it makes a lot of people richer fairly rapidly.   

       During WWII all the axis powers would have become depopulated as a result of the nearness of the combatants to their family members, gradually giving all the WWII axis land territory to their population increasing neighbors. So apparently this is a big benefit to the French the Swiss the Scandanavians and the Chinese.   

       being less than rigorous aside, millions of lives would have been saved, the technology is particularly adapted to repel invasion I have no idea if those "treaties" described apply to the application of biological weapons on invaders on ones own countrys land.   

       Also its been tried, and it worked. The mass death of the native peoples of North America as well as the removal of that culture was a result of biological agents killing them faster than they reproduced while the Europeans had as many as ten children each as they expanded into the less claimed wilderness. Thus, clearly stating that wiping out the officer class with the stated knowledge that their return will destroy a countries population base has a reasoned basis as a persuasive strategy. That this defensive strategy also makes people live longer as well as diminishes things like cancer is of further benefit. With happylong there is even the option to omit killing.   

       Its a way to make war repellent to officers. Reducing war so everybody benefits.
beanangel, Feb 23 2012

       // Its a way to make war repellent to officers. //   

       Katyn ?   

       Not a good idea, long term.   

8th of 7, Feb 23 2012

       //That is sufficient to get...// The thing is, that if *all* Americans could afford to buy homes near one of the Oregons top 1 percentile rated schools...   

       //a bacteria or virus makes a person so happy like on nitrous oxide// Interesting (though very annoyingly written - do you irritate for effect?). It might well be possible to produce an infectious bacterium that produced and released a euphoric drug; a virus would be trickier. But even if the infection didn't resolve of its own accord, would not the right antibiotic clear it up?
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 23 2012

       I really appreciate the comments   

       The thing is that even a brief bacterial infection or possibly adenovirus directly could transfect human tissue with virus that coded opiate peptides. These peptides are often less than 7 amino acids long thus a bacteria that could cohost a human virus like Happy Herpes (itchless herpes that produces opiate peptides) would infect the nervous system, producing brief potentially effective opiate peptides. as a side effect I suppose it would be itchless. I have read that nitrous oxide, a material so absent addictive effect it is available at groceries, works on opiate receptors.   

       Doing transfection with a bacteria gives a much larger volume of body tissue producing the opiate peptide as well. Technologically more impressive A version of herpes that also codes adenovirus (two virus one code) would continually retransfect an entire organisms mass.   

       aside from these things what do you think of the probiotic that apparently more than doubles the number of surviving mice at a 45 weeks. (link) figure 1
beanangel, Feb 23 2012

       Hey, I said 'most'... Maybe I should have gone with the more ambiguous 'many'.   

       [beanangel] for your own sake and that of all other Halfbakers, I advise you not to apply this idea, or any other for that matter, to any hypothetical WWII scenario when [8th] and I are in the room. I'm resisting for now, but the urge to deconstruct your argument in excrutiating detail with full citation where needed is almost overwhelming. I can only imagine what agonies the poor Borg must be suffering.   

       // Peace generates wealth. //   

       Umm... Actually, it doesn't. With one exception, every major armed conflict of the 20th century stimulated the economies of the victors (I'm simplifying this statement by leaving out the wars with no clear victors). Furthermore, a significant portion of the technological, philosophical, and social advances made during the entire history of the human race can be directly attributed either to the preparation for or prosecution of warfare.
Alterother, Feb 23 2012

       //what do you think of the probiotic that apparently more than doubles the number of surviving mice at a 45 weeks.//   

       Who needs old mice?
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 24 2012

       Old cats ?   

       //I'm resisting for now, //   

       Resistance is Futile ...   

       // the urge to deconstruct your argument in excrutiating detail with full citation where needed is almost overwhelming. //   

       Go on, do it, you know you want to ...   

       // I can only imagine what agonies the poor Borg must be suffering. //   

       No, you can't. You can't even begin to imagine.   

       This is ... worse than cats.
8th of 7, Feb 24 2012

       //through the ranks// sp. "from the ranks" surely: "through the ranks" would tend to indicate they'd been sergeants-major at some point, and those codgers don't take promotion much once they "retire" into officer grades.
FlyingToaster, Feb 24 2012

       //        Go on, do it, you know you want to ...    //   

       I would, if I didn't know that in this case it would be like punching wet cement.   

       Okay, I'll do one. To keep it short, I'll pick one of the less outrageous statements:   

       // During WWII all the axis powers would have become depopulated as a result of the nearness of the combatants to their family members //   

       Yeah, because Stalingrad is just a day's walk from Berlin, and the Phillipines are practically right next door to Japan. And you know those guys got leave to visit their families every weekend and on bank holidays.
Alterother, Feb 25 2012

       I'm against this because a military with no command structure would be so much more terrible than the current military.   

       If you want to improve the world, you should have your magic bacteria kill all the low-level soldiers. If you do this, all the generals would make peace treaties with each other. If you only kill the commanders, all the low-level soldiers would take the default choice of randomly invading every other country.   

       tl;dr this idea makes all liberals look bad by association. i hope your next one is better!
sninctown, Feb 25 2012

       If you really want to improve the world, you should have your magic bacteria kill nobody. Instead, design it to eliminate famine, poverty, and cure all known diseases. You should probably have it solve the EU economic crisis as well.   

       If you're looking for ways to prevent war, designing a more efficient killing machine is a really, really bad start. If you don't believe me, just ask Dr. Gatling.
Alterother, Feb 25 2012

       Well, in fairness, designing a more efficient killing machine is one of the few techniques with a proven track record for creating a lasting peace. Just, sometimes*, it takes a lot of killing for the lesson to sink in.   

       *maybe "always." Can't think of a counterexample offhand.
mouseposture, Feb 25 2012

       // designing a more efficient killing machine is one of the few techniques with a proven track record for creating a lasting peace //   

       It is? Do tell!
Alterother, Feb 25 2012

       The Manhattan Project …
8th of 7, Feb 25 2012

       The X-Factor
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 25 2012

       //Do tell//   

       Well, the Gatling gun, for example, and the whole industrial-scale-killing style of warfare that came with it. It really did produce a strong and (absit omen) lasting consensus that another general European war was unthinkable. But not until people actually saw what that technology could do, in two world wars.   

       The other examples I had in mind were the Pax Romanum, and (obviously) nuclear weapons.   

       You might call it the Truman doctrine: that more effective weapons do really promote peace provided you kill a lot of people first to inspire the necessary feelings of horror and revulsion.   

       (And, of course, in really asymmetrical conflicts, improvements in weaponry bring about the peace of the grave.)
mouseposture, Feb 25 2012

       So, what you're saying is that designing a more efficient killing machine is one of the few techniques with a proven track record for creating a _common desire_ for lasting peace. I only wish to make this distinction clear because in each of the three examples cited, the United States was fighting another war within the span of a single generation, and in the case of Pax Romana it was a matter of nobody being able to beat the Legions rather than everyone agreeing that there should be no more war.
Alterother, Feb 25 2012

       //a lasting peace// = the time required to develop a //more efficient killing machine// and breed the grunts needed to deploy it
lurch, Feb 26 2012

       Ps (because I can't stop myself): the Gatling gun was first widely deployed during the American Civil War, not in Europe. Even then, it barely made a difference and was not used to great effect in any of the major battles. The machine gun that brought about // 'industrial-scale-killing' // was the Maxim* gun, a totally different design, which arrived on the scene just in time for WWI.   

       *Addendum (because once I've got rolling it's hard to stop): Hiram Maxim, a native of my beloved state of Maine, was also awarded over 150 patents for inventions that had nothing to do with killing people (one of them, however, is widely used to kill mice). Every year we celebrate his genius by congregating in a big sand pit down in Sangerville and shooting up old cars with automatic weapons.   

       There, I think I'm done now.
Alterother, Feb 26 2012

       // just in time for WWI //   

       Umm, nope: Omdurman 1898 - "not so much a battle as an execution" - very industrial-scale
pertinax, Feb 26 2012

       "Onward Christian Soldiers,
Marching in the Sun,
Spread the Word of Jesus
With the Maxim Gun ..."

       // one of them, however, is widely used to kill mice //   

       That would be the 1895 .303 model, with the air-cooled barrel ? Well, that's the one we use, anyway. Also good for dealing with wasps.
8th of 7, Feb 26 2012

       // Umm, nope: Omdurman 1898 - //   

       Thank you, but I believe my point (if I had one) still stands.
Alterother, Feb 26 2012

       Has [beanangle] won the longest-idea-title award yet?   

       "He was heading north in his ship, as he was the least familiar with that region, and had flown through the void for quite some time, passing spheres full of the clamor of war as well as spheres that had finally obtained the perfect peace of desolation"   

       Lem, "The Cyberiad"
spidermother, Feb 28 2012

       Yes, please incapacitate the officers. Lord knows we could end this war in a month if it weren't for answering to officers...
MikeD, Feb 28 2012

       Didn't the Republican army in the Spanish Civil War have elected officers, or some such system?
mouseposture, Feb 28 2012


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