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World Puppy

Create a dog that's every breed
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There are about 200 different breeds of dog. If we take females from 100 different breeds and mate them with males from the remaining 100 breeds we'll get 100 half-breeds. We then breed the half-breeds to get 50 quarter-breeds and so on. We should be careful to ensure that the pairs are compatible and not try to mate a female Chihuahua with a male Irish Wolfhound, for example.

By my calculations we can create World Puppies in about 7 generations. If it's true that mutts are smarter than thoroughbreds then we should expect the World Puppy to be very intelligent.

First generation World Puppies born directly from Semi World Puppies would be the most sought after. 2nd and 3rd generation World Puppies from mating World Puppies together would be less valuable due to possible recessive gene defects.

gordy, Feb 16 2009

World Baby World_20Baby
Similar idea [gordy, Feb 16 2009]


       The benefits in intelligence and health for mutts comes from the lack of genetic flaws lining up from both parents and thus making their way into the phenotype. After the first generation or so, you no longer have identical genes, and so these benefits should not continue to increase in subsequent generations.   

       I.e., they're not going to be typing up any sonnets or anything.
Smurfsahoy, Feb 17 2009

       Wouldn't the result of remixing all of the breeds...be a wolf?   

       [happy meal], No, because when they were domesticating dogs, the individuals with more wolf-like characteristics were not kept around as separate breeds, they were just removed from the gene pool. So those characteristics aren't really around anywhere in the dog population anymore.   

       Plus, mating two mutated animals together would not get you back to square one. It'd just give you a more obviously mutated animal...
Smurfsahoy, Feb 18 2009

       // I.e., they're not going to be typing up any sonnets or anything.//   

       What if we gave them more typewriters?
Veho, Feb 18 2009

       This idea is more financially viable than World Baby. I bet it would be a decent dog.
bungston, Feb 18 2009

       //Try to mate a female Chihuahua with a male Irish Wolfhound//
Close, but when I was in France a few years ago I spent a fascinating and frankly hilarious 5 minutes watching a Male Great Dane trying to mate with a (also male but the poor kid was young and confused) Beagle/small hunting dog. The sight of the GD was gripping the beagle by the neck and trying to concertina itself to get its nethers into position is still very vivid.
gnomethang, Feb 19 2009


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