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World War III Ideas

for bigsleep
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Is this what you meant, just post a justification for the stuff I was saying about WWI and II? if so OK here goes but if not feel free to delete.

Wilbur Wright must have known that wing warping would lead to human powered flapping flight by the time of the trial becasue he had been travelling around Europe selling Wright planes to countries preparing for WWI, and that means he would have been talking to smart interesting people every night and having lots of conversations or if not just time to think about where it all was going. And Wilbur would have known where it was going by the time he was in the court case and the major issue would have been the judge's interpretation of ailerions as infringing or not on the Wright patent, and, having worked with the mechanics of wing warping myself through many years of manipulation of office toys rather than doing homework, I can honestly say that the Wrights were trying to patent propulsive undulation hidden under a guise of language about a steering mechanism, whcih would have meant that the Wrights would have owned all motion which is crazy so the judge was in the position of having to say that wing warping was not infringed on by the ailierons patent, just to save all of capitalism from eating itself in a gian canabalistic Wright - Carnegie naked fight to the death with the american public throwing bets down on the blood stained barroom basement floor. fight club. in underpants.

The issue would have been that the Wrights were Dutch and their history is through New York and commercialism so father Wright would have been pretty violently anti catholic under the surface and this would lead to the 20th century and the holocaust etc.

The issue would have been that the judge would have to look at the ailerons and say that they were significantly different from the wing warping technology, and he would have not been an engineer type so when he tried to understand ailerons he would have thought oh,that makes sense a square is always better than a curve because you know they were all protestant work ethic an all, it was like little orphan annie in a mass orgy with the entire mafia from dick trac led by adrew carnegie and daddy warbucks. whoa where did that come from.

I dont know, there's something I recognize about the death and its coincidental timing right in the case as he was losing his control of his idea, and i have an instinct about why, but you would have to look at which one of his parents were dutch and which were english. wright sounds english so maybe ms wright was a hot dutch chick, you would have to go back and look, but i think she was distant or died young so it would have left Wilbur to be like the second youngest child in Picaso's Saltimbanques.

But I just have a big picture feeling related to Alexander Graham Bell's involvement and his relationship to the Deaf community, and their history of developing new technologies like the telephone and Morse Code I think too or was it the telegraph anyway, Alexander Graham Bells tetrahedrons are the stupidest thing since the tetrahedral flapping drone.

So anyway feel like I am not doing it justice but its late, so I have this suspicion that Wilbur Wright must have known the full implications of wing warping which was human powered flapping flight before he died and got caught up in the morality of the case as it related to his family issues like how he regarded the side of himself that came from his father and the side that came from his mother who maybe was the dutch one and was hot and valuable and business like, no wait a minute she was distant and died young, oh fuck it I dont know.

Just imagining that i made a coherent argument that Wilbur knew before he died and took it to his grave that human powered flapping flight was the implication of wing warping technology, how could he have done that unless he had a disability to keep the general interest in mind, or he was evil. but that is crazy that he could be held responsible, but on the other hand this reinterpretation of history would put the Wrights and that court case in a whole different light.

Orville took over the company after Wilbur died and basically catalyst-started WWI by continuing to try to get Eropean countries to bargain against eachother moving towards war and then slunk out of the picture to have a 30 year fight with his little sister for daring to leave home and get married to someone outside the family and then neccesarily get divorced from her mother which has been the problem for the last 300 years that mothers know enough to not be happy with their husbands but stuck because of victorianism and religion living in the same place with only their husband so they form monomomous relationships with the kids who then feel like they are gettign divorced when they try to form their own relationships, until they take a lot of prozac and do zumba.

But so Wilbur is sort of responsible for all of that death or at least he had the opportunity to stop it at some point but just never went through with it.

So that explains what I am doing with the drones, realizing what wing warping is really all about, applied to our modern technologies like foam and the internet as a research tool and the making DI?Y spirit and the fact that kids these days think that nothing is impossible. then Wilbur or Graham Bell or Langley or the Smithsonian or the Federal Goverernment

JesusHChrist, Dec 13 2016

A nice hinged idea. Salt_20and_20Pepper..._20Pepper_20Shakers
More of these, fewer of the dumb ones please. [doctorremulac3, Dec 13 2016]

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       Now it all makes sense - we thought you were losing your marbles, but it turns out to be a perfectly rational conspiracy theory after all. At least it explains all those flapping soldiers that are behind all the world's woes.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 13 2016

       You lost me at squares and the Protestant work ethic. Also use paragraph breaks.
Voice, Dec 13 2016

       This idea merits a new category:   

       halfbakery: cry for help: summon medical assistance
normzone, Dec 13 2016

       Here's a simple formula to determine the quality of a post, C being the cleverness of the idea, N being the number of words and Q being the quality of the post.   

       To calibrate C, A 10C idea would be the harnessing of electricity to do tasks. A 1C idea might be painting a spoon blue.   

       So you make a rough estimate of C then divide it by N and you get Q.   

       I'll let you do the math on this one.
doctorremulac3, Dec 13 2016

       makes me wonder if the word 'unhinged' directly relates to the bit of metal on a door, or if both words simply have the same root.
FlyingToaster, Dec 13 2016

       Why is no-one ever described as "hinged", as in "You know, I think that Lewis Hamilton is just totally hinged" ?
8th of 7, Dec 13 2016

       I don't know, I was feeling quite gruntled about it though.
RayfordSteele, Dec 13 2016

       Alexander Graham Bell was totally hinged.
JesusHChrist, Dec 13 2016

       Wilbur died by becoming unhinged.
JesusHChrist, Dec 13 2016

       Somone who works for the Deaf community or Federal government is hinged, someone who works for themselves or a giant company is unhinged.
JesusHChrist, Dec 13 2016

       I am totally hinged at the moment but could in about two hours become unhinged.
JesusHChrist, Dec 13 2016

       A door hinge is a very important concept. The only successful rhyme to orange.
theircompetitor, Dec 13 2016

       I am becoming totally unhinged.
JesusHChrist, Dec 13 2016

       Let's get back to posting some clever ideas like your salt and pepper shaker. (link) These weird rants are dumb.   

       You're a clever guy, get back to being clever.
doctorremulac3, Dec 13 2016


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