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Worldwide Human Computer

A Worldwide Human Computer (WHC) powerd by humans as switches.
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I wonder....

If it's possible to have a worldwide computer built after say intel's plans for the 8088 chip. I mean, if all that's in there are switches, then we SHOULD be able to get one nice juicy power supply, get like Florida to act as the power supply (cuz the Sun NEVER stops there). And maybe get Colorado to be the display (it's square, so it would work well). We could have a national election to see who gets to be the CPU. I mean really - we SHOULD be able to get the whole thing going. Hell, they implemented RFC2459, why the hell not implement the 8088 chip as a human model!

boncne, Apr 04 2003

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Human Interface to tmxxine [tmxxine, Oct 04 2004]


       This has got to be the most well thought out invention ever. Colorado as the Display, sheer genius.
Trodden, Apr 04 2003

       (I like the US usage of "World" here. [boncne] says "Wordwide computer" and then only mentions places in the US... and "we should have a national election"...)
hippo, Apr 04 2003

       Like the world-series baseball.
Trodden, Apr 04 2003

       Croissant, with the reservation cited by [hippo], but why stop at the 8088?
angel, Apr 04 2003

       Re: 8088: I'm sure there are more than 29,000 'switches' in the 'world' (aka USA).
Cedar Park, Apr 04 2003

       Wow! I hadn't realized my own usage of the word "world" here. Hmm. I'm honestly disturbed that I did that.
boncne, Apr 05 2003

       Quick - where is it? - Ah, this old one of Ronald Reagan will do - or maybe there are some better ones in the bag of Hallowe'en stuff...
hippo, Apr 05 2003

       Yeah right - byte me...
hippo, Apr 05 2003

       You're lucky I didn't poke you.
hippo, Apr 05 2003

       And I'll provide the assembly instructions.
hippo, Apr 05 2003

       'bone for false advertising.
thumbwax, Apr 05 2003

       Give the kid a break! It's not his fault: Americans are taught to think their country is the center of the universe...   

       To me, it's not an excuse. The rest of us, not-american bastards, should be given some credit.   

       [boncne] by the way, what kind of profile is that?. I don't get it.
Pericles, Apr 05 2003

       you're converting the 8088 processor into a mechanical babbage type computer, with human size switches, or is it humans as switches?   

       its an art concept. impractical but it could be beautiful
vmaldia, Aug 05 2006


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