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Worm Pipecleaners

Ideal for Father's Day
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Let's get sick of buying those awful, useless pipecleaners for Father's Day - you know, the ones made of chicken wire and white linen fluff.

They get snagged and rupture and are oft dangerous to boot.

With the completion of the Human Gnome Project, let's genetically engineer worms to like tar and dirt, and sell them in pack of 15 as pipecleaners.

Then, put them in the end of your pipe, put your pipe out, and introduce them (or one at a time) into your mouthpiece.

They will crawl down your pipe tract, digesting black tar and other pipe-dirt, and excrete chlorophyll, perhaps, into your mouth.

Hence your pipe becomes unclogged, then you can throw the worm(s) away.

eehen, Jul 16 2000


       Or go one step further, let them crawl down your throat and lungs to digest all the tar and other crap that collects down there!
NoMaster, Jul 16 2000

       Noboy would enhoy that but!
eehen, Jul 19 2000

       This may have to await the completion of the Worm Gnome Project. Otherwise -- A1.
Monkfish, Nov 15 2000


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