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Wrench Monkey

Most useful under the bonnet of a car I reckon...
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Jim bought a new toy for the garage --- the Wrench Monkey. It was an exciting moment observing the little critter buried amongst the plastic and cardboard wrapping. Instructions, temporarily, discarded Jim pointed it at the nuts securing one of the legs of the work bench.

It was fairly quick on its feet and had the nut half off before Jim realized he had better get the little bugger to put the first nut back again!


madness, Jun 21 2012


       Seems an awful lot like the Trunk Monkey...
Alterother, Jun 21 2012

       Reminds me of [Screwdriver Queen].
UnaBubba, Jun 21 2012

       //Instructions, temporarily, discarded Jim //   

MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 24 2012


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