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Wristwatch of the aeons

Make wristwatches and be zen with them
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There is a broken clock at work. Every time I pass it I feel a zen-like moment of peace as I reflect that whatever I intend to do and have done, it's always the current moment and it always will be.

This wristwatch would not display hours, minutes, months, or years. Its smallest measure would be centuries. As such the mechanism would simply consist of a dial the user could move to display anything from "century 0" up to "Century 9", followed by the painted letters "third millennium, common era"

Voice, Feb 10 2020


       //a dial the user could move//   

       Not sure I get this, why would you want to set the time wrong?   

       You could get away with making it fixed, with no moving parts. Offer a lifetime guarantee. Your descendents can deal with the inevitable flood of complaints and returns in 80 years time.
pocmloc, Feb 10 2020

       Or just one word, "now", scratched carefully into the face.
zen_tom, Feb 10 2020

       Doesn't it take a short amount of time to read, parse and mentally process the information? So "now" would not be technically correct?
pocmloc, Feb 10 2020

       You could edit it to "then", then I guess - I'd argue that the true moment of now is the experience of that mental process - now just doesn't feel the same unless your brain has time to wrap itself around a moment - at least that's how it is amongst us humans.
zen_tom, Feb 10 2020

       I'm loving your first paragraph. I want to use it somewhere. Hmmm. Find an empty space at work for me guys. Clear the bulletin board.
blissmiss, Feb 10 2020

       How about 3 markings on the face: "Past", "Present", "Future". A single hand, either permanently on "Present", OR have a camera on the face (surreptitiously) so when you look at it, it starts at "Past" and moves smoothly to "Future" (taking about 2 seconds); when you look away, it resets to "Past".
neutrinos_shadow, Feb 10 2020

       [+] for the correct spelling of "aeons".
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 10 2020

       Sounds like a sea creature, or something on a petri dish.
blissmiss, Feb 10 2020

       No, it sounds like "ay-ee-ons", which is closer to the original pronunciation.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 10 2020

       Ok, you can be right, just this once though.
blissmiss, Feb 11 2020

       //[+] for the correct spelling of "aeons".// - or should it be "æons"?
hippo, Feb 11 2020

       You could argue that , whilst æ used to be a separate letter of the (old) English alphabet, it has evolved into a mere typographic ligature, and that there is no difference between æ and ae, just as there is also no difference between fi ligatured together and fi written as standalone independent letters. The opposite direction of uu and w I suppose.
pocmloc, Feb 11 2020

       Sounds like any rail service in the UK
not_morrison_rm, Feb 11 2020

       Yikes, I made a booboo. edited "second" to "third"
Voice, Apr 16 2021

       Glad you noticed quickly and corrected it promptly!
pocmloc, Apr 16 2021

       + ok
xandram, Apr 16 2021

       It's the 41st Millennium somewhen.
sninctown, Apr 16 2021


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