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Wussy Pillow

Soooo Soooofffftttt.......
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A regular sized pillow of a giant Pussy Willow bud.
Giblet, Mar 15 2008

title baked at Urban Dictionary http://www.urbandic...p?term=Wussy+Pillow
[xandram, Mar 16 2008]

Lace Pillows http://images.googl...%3D1I7HPIA%26sa%3DN
Get one for each wussy. [Amos Kito, Mar 16 2008]


       It's just a word-play, isn't it? But I like it. [+]
pertinax, Mar 16 2008

       we love wussy pillows...
po, Mar 16 2008

       // It'll be gone in the morning. //   

       Your head will be gone ? Is this like some sort of Mafia/Godfather bed accessory, or what ?
8th of 7, Mar 16 2008

       I thought of the softest thing I could think of to make a pillow, and then the name came after that.   

       If it was just a regular pillow by this name then yes it would be 'just word-play'.
Giblet, Mar 16 2008

       I think this would be horrendously itchy and uncomfortable - a light layer of fuzz on top of a knobbly interior.   

       For best results (a) take cotton-ticking bag and stuff with fine goose-down (b) add pillowcase of dense, cool, smooth linen.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 16 2008

       I'm voting for this not being word-play. And I'm voting for the idea itself. I think it could be made of an oval regular pillow with a grey velour case. [+]
baconbrain, Mar 16 2008

       So, are you saying that vinegar is capable of curing a headache by morning? This is almost as effective as not-vinegar.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 16 2008

       I freakin' love Pussy Willow, dude.   

skinflaps, Mar 17 2008

       When I was five I rather enjoyed the soft feeling of pussy willow sliding into the ear canal. Fortunately doctors are used to extracting objects from childrens' ears.
wagster, Mar 17 2008

       Sounds like they pulled out your brain as well as the pussy willow .....
8th of 7, Mar 18 2008

wagster, Mar 18 2008

       SOUNDS .... LIKE.... THEY .... PULLED ...... THEY ..... PULLED ...... SOUNDS ....... LIKE ...... oh, for heaven's sake, just put the pussy willow back in. No-one will notice the difference ....
8th of 7, Mar 18 2008


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