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XXX Radio

Round the clock erotica
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A radio station broadcasting a variety of erotic stories, interviews, phone-in shows and competitions would be the ideal companion for truckers and night shift workers, not to mention students, insomniacs and the chemically dependant. Running afoul of the censors could be a problem, but I believe advertising space would be lucrative enough to have anyone who stands in my way "dealt with".

Whether or not such a service exists already I do not know. The search results for "porno radio" are mostly in languages I cannot even identify, let alone speak so this idea could well be old hat.

brewmaster, Mar 13 2002

You should have tried "X-rated radio" http://www.google.c...%22X-rated+radio%22
23 hits [angel]

Internet Radio FAQ http://www.bvov.org...matic/cache/50.html [angel, Mar 13 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]

For Horny, Single Insomniacs http://members.aol....johnk0/godkills.jpg
Just in case you think doing *something* will help you sleep, think again [thumbwax, Mar 14 2002]

For Horny, Single Insomniacs http://members.aol....johnk0/godkills.jpg
Just in case you think doing *something* will help you sleep, think again [thumbwax, Oct 04 2004]


       As I thought. Cheers.
brewmaster, Mar 13 2002

       most late night shows seem to think they can go a bit below the belt anyway, but seems to me to be a good idea. Would probably promote insomnia though.
JoBarton, Mar 13 2002

       Man... 'wax, that's the funniest thing I've seen in months.
waugsqueke, Mar 14 2002

       Trouble is, most DJs are sexually repressed, in my experience, and they see this kind of idea as a green light for getting naked people into the studio. They then spend an hour dribbling at their guests and making very bad radio.   

       Well produced porno-radioplays might be better, but they're expensive to make. Eventually the idea would be reduced to another sexually frustrated ugly guy dribbling at a naked person and making bad radio.   

       The only radio station I know with the budget and talent to make this idea work in the UK is Radio 4. And I just can't see Helen Boaden sanctioning it, somehow.
Fishrat, Sep 30 2003

       "The Archers" once had an episode which featured a lot of panting, gasps and heavy breathing. Letters were written to 'Feedback' about it.
hippo, Sep 30 2003

       This could work well on XM satellite radio, a subscriber-based service with special receivers to keep the content out of the ears of the kiddies. The cost could be reduced by providing exposure to up and coming erotica writers and struggling actors could read the stories, sort of like radio for the blind. If C-SPAN radio can stay on the air anything is possible.
jrzx15, Sep 30 2003

       "Don't go away, because coming up next--the incredibly arousing sound of Asia Carrera having an orgasm!"   

       All right, I admit it...I clicked on the link.
Eugene, Sep 30 2003

       [re: For Horny, Single Insominiacs]   

ywong, Oct 01 2003


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