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satellite broadcast digital radio

Listen to CD quality radio any where.
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I would like to start a radio company that broadcast digital audio. I hate it when your driving down the road and you get out of radio range or in the mountain valleys. I hate static also so Digital would eliminate this problem. With a satellite radio signal one could listen to the same radio station any where in the country or world.

To do this one would have to purchase frequency's from the FCC. A satellite launcher like the "Pegasus" rocket which cost about $10 million. One would need to purchase sattelites. Car and home radios would need to be equiped to recive the signal from the satellite. Existing radio stations could use the satellites but new ones would probably come about. I have no idea what these expenses would be but advertising and/or investors could finance it.

Things that could be broadcast include every thing that is on the radio now; different types of music, from different stations, in different launguages, news, weather, religion, rush limbaugh, etc.

Say good bye to poor reception....

mika_ranta, Jun 27 2000

XM Satellite Radio http://www.xmradio.com/
Baked #1... (beware flash!) [egnor, Jun 27 2000, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Sirius Satellite Radio http://www.siriusradio.com/main.htm
Baked #2... (ditto!) [egnor, Jun 27 2000, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       It already exists ! In the UK we've got 7 or 8 national commercial digital radio stations, all BBC stations and the regional stations are rolling out over the next few months. Great idea eh ? (www.ukdgitalradio.com)
droberts, Jun 27 2000

       The UK digital radio systems "droberts" referred to aren't satellite; they're digital, but they broadcast on land like usual.   

       The links I've added are for actual satellite digital radio purveyors. It works just like mika_ranta suggested; they advertise better reception, nationwide coverage, and oodles of channels.
egnor, Jul 15 2000


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